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10 Happy Romance Audiobooks to Ease Your Newborn Night Feedings

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Audiobooks are one of the best ways to pass those nighttime feeds with your newborn. They are hands-free entertainment and can offer some background noise to both keep you awake and to soothe baby. For more on the benefits, check out this article.

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In these early days (and nights), you’re experiencing a wild variety of emotions, often including depression and anxiety. Nighttime anxiety is REAL. Sometimes what you need most right now is something to calm you, to take your mind off those anxieties.

If you’re struggling with these things, like SO many mommas, or if you just want to listen to something relaxing to get that milk flowing, take a look at some of these light-hearted audiobooks to ease your mind. You may also be interested in this list of happy and lighthearted audiobooks.

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(Side note: I’ve personally listened to every single one of these. They are all great).

1. Float Plan by Trish Doller

This one is #1 because I personally listened to this during my nighttime feeds, and I always think of this book when I think back to those nights. This book was so calming and it truly gave me peace and eased my anxiety. It’s about a girl who sets sail for the open seas and then hires Keane, a professional sailor, when she realizes she’s in over her head. It’s the perfect escapist read. While I was rocking my daughter to sleep at 3am, this book took me to magical faraway lands by sailboat. It’s an inspiring, slow-burn romance about taking chances.

2. The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

THIS BOOK. Katherine Center is an amazing author, and this is her latest and greatest. It actually had me laughing out loud. It is The Proposal meets Miss Congeniality. Basically, this should be a fantastic Sandra Bullock movie. It’s about a female bodyguard who is assigned to protect celebrity Jack from his stalker. In order to keep her identity as his bodyguard a secret, she pretends to be his girlfriend–even to his family. They end up having to stay on Texas family ranch, and all kinds of hilarious and heart-warming shenanigans ensue.

3. The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Another laugh-out-loud read. Meet Don Tillman, a blunt, quirky, neurodivergent genetics professor. Don decides it’s time to find himself a partner. What better way to do so than to create an evidence-based experiment to find someone who is logical and responsible, like himself. Enter: Rosie. Rosie is a fiery, intelligent, drinking and smoking bartender. She is nothing like the person Don is looking for on paper, but she just might be everything he needs. Heartwearmarming AND hilarious.

4. This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens

This is another one personally I listened to during nighttime feedings. This is a fun holiday romance about fated love. Minnie and Quinn were born on the same day, in the same hospital, a minute apart. While Quinn seems to have everything going for him, Minnie has the worst luck, speficially on their shared birthday. This year, fate will finally bring the two together, by way of Minnie getting trapped in a bathroom. It is a charming romantic comedy sparkling with holiday cheer.

5. The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

The ULTIMATE escapist read AND enemies-to-lovers romance. It’s also another laugh-out-loud comedy, so basically–this one has it all. This is my favorite by the famous author duo Christina Lauren. Unlucky Olive has a change of luck when she finds herself on an all-expenses paid honeymoon in Hawaii. The only catch is she’s stuck there with Ethan, who has NOT made a good first impression on her. Oh yeah–and they have to pretend to be newlyweds. This book is packed with witty banter and laced with tropical breeze.

6. The Summer Job by Lizzy Dent

Wine, Scottish Highlands, witty banter–what else could you want in a romance? Another escapist read, this one is tons of fun. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you could be someone else, so has Birdy. And now she’s doing it–or pretending to. This summer, Birdy is pretending to be her best friend, a wine Sommelier, at a high-end Scottish hotel. The only problem is, the best friend doesn’t know, and Birdy knows nothing about wine. A fun, lighthearted romp.

7. Well Met by Jen DeLuca

Ren Fest lovers, this one’s for you. An atmospheric, swoon-worthy enemies-to-lovers romance (I really have a thing for these, don’t I?) draped in kilts and turkey-leg scented armor. Meet our sweet heroine Emily and our serious, pirate-clad hero Simon, who does NOT have time for Emily’s antics or suggestions. The Renaissance Faire is Simon’s legacy, and nothing will stop him from making it a success. And yet, when he’s in costume during the festival, he’s always flirting with Emily, or her bar wench character. So what’s his deal?

8. Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

Pure magic. A southern romance steeped in mystery, supersition, and sprinkled with lavender. If you’ve never read Sarah Addison Allen, this will be such a treat. For fans of Practical Magic, this one’s about the Waverly sisters, each of whom have a special talent. Claire is a chef who cooks with edible flowers grown in her legendary garden. Her cuisine is known to have a certain effect on those who eat it. Evanelle has a knack for gifting people with the exact items that they need, before they’re needed. This is a lush, atmospheric tale that will keep you coming back for more of Sarah Addison Allen’s magic.

9. Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding

An oldie but goodie, this one is a CLASSIC rom-com. You’ve probably heard of it–but did you know it’s a modern take on Pride and Prejudice?! Through her diary entries, you’ll meet Bridget: a 30-something compulsive smoker, drinker, and witty publishing assistant. She is a hot mess, and she thinks all of her life problems would be solved by losing a few pounds, and she is absolutely freaking hilarious.

10. The Tourist Attraction by Sarah Morgenthaler

This is a lovely vacation read set in the Alaska wilderness. Graham is the grumpy owner of bar/diner called The Tourist Trap. Graham is very Luke Danes from Gilmore Girls–grumpy and handsome with a soft heart buried beneath his rugged clothes. When he first meets Zoey, she’s visiting his diner on vacation. It’s not exactly a meet-cute, seeing as how she is DRUNK. She’s only in town for a few weeks, but guess what–they might fall in love, and it might be really cute and fun in the process.

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