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10 Hilarious Parenting Audiobooks for When You Need to a Good Laugh

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Parenting is no easy task. Laughter is the best medicine for everything, and this is ESPECIALLY true when you’re in the parenting trenches and struggling. Sometimes a little comic relief is all you need to get you through those parenting trials.

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Luckily, there are plenty of parenting audiobooks out there that simply aim to make you laugh. While most parents (especially new parents) don’t have the time to read, we all have some time during the day (or middle of the night) to listen to audiobooks while doing something else–like feeding a newborn at 3 am.

And guess what–listening to funny audiobooks is not only good for your own sanity, but it’s also good for your baby. Find out all the benefits of listening to audiobooks here.

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Also check out these audiobook lists:

1. #IMomSoHard by Kristin Hensley & Jen Smedley

Pour yourself a glass of wine after the kids are in bed, and laugh along with this hilarious YouTube friend duo, who explore “all the ridiculous shit you’re expected to do to keep multiple humans alive and happy-ish,” (from the Publisher). 

It’s not a self-help book–Kristin and Jen won’t judge you for not having showered today or the free t-shirt you showed up in from the dentist. 

Sit back, relax, and laugh along with this relatable duo as they add comic relief to the struggles of motherhood.

2. Parenting Hell by Rob Beckett & Josh Widdicombe

Written by co-hosts of a hilarious podcast under the same name, this book is chalk-full of the comic relief every parent needs.

Josh and Rob give you the facts about what it’s like to become a dad–about how insane it is that the experts REALLY don’t prepare you for the challenge of it all, and yet how at the same time, it’s impossible to explain the unprecedented joy of it all.

If you love a good podcast, you’ll love the back-and-forth banter and conversation between this hilarious dad duo.

3. Hold On, But Don’t Hold Still: Hope and Humor from My Seriously Flawed Life by Kristina Kuzmic

Both parenting book and memoir, this audiobook will be your warm cup of coffee with a friend to get you through a long night.

Kristina Kuzmic, a YouTube comedian and influencer, is known for her message of self-acceptance, resilience, and joy to get you through the trenches. 

With a fresh, honest, and unpretentious voice, Kristina will be the cheerleader you need when you’re feeling like a crappy parent–which we all experience.

4. Sh*tty Mom: The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us by Laurie Kilmartin, Karen Moline, Alicia Ybarbo, Mary Ann Zoellner

A fantastic listen for pure comic relief and entertainment!

If you are TIRED of supermoms trying one-up each other in their parenting brilliance, this one is for you.

If you’re looking for some tips on finding the easiest and most efficient way through those parenting obstacles, this one’s for you.

Lots of moms praise this book for the hilarious insights and honesty coming from moms just keeping it real. 

5. Cat and Nat’s Mom Truths: Embarrassing Stories and Brutally Honest Advice on the Extremely Real Struggle of Motherhood by Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer

A down-to-earth, affirming storytelling by two moms who want to ease your mom guilt and let you know that you are doing just fine.

This duo likes to keep it real (and sometimes R-rated), with advice on what not to eat after giving birth, how to dodge sex with your partner postpartum, surviving public temper tantrums, and more.

It’s also a reminder of the importance of lifting each other up as moms and holding off on the judgment. Because let’s be honest–none of us are perfect.

6. Why Some Animals Eat Their Young: A Survivor’s Guide to Motherhood by Dallas Louis

Dallas Louis wanted the fairytale: the Prince Charming, the kids, and the happy ever after.

Within just a few months of dating, Dallas and her Prince Charming married and quickly had three kids in TWENTY SIX MONTHS. That’s just over TWO years!! Not to mention–her husband was gone quite often for his job.

With a whirlwind parenting experience, Dallas shares the highs and lows of parenting–including PTSD and buyer’s remorse–bringing humor to it all.

Seeing as though babies don’t come with instruction manuals, and how mothering is the absolute hardest job in the world, Dallas understands that you have to find the humor in it all. You laugh or you cry, right?!

7. Go the F**k to Sleep by Adam Mansbach, Samuel L. Jackson, Ricardo Cortes

Read by Samuel L. Jackson, this hilarious best-selling book is about a universal parenting struggle–getting the kids to bed.

This adults-only bedtime story won’t get your kids to fall asleep, but you’ll be laughing so hard you won’t care.

“Hell no, you can’t go to the bathroom. You know where you can go? The f**k to sleep.”

(Obviously, if you don’t appreciate the “F-word,” you’ll want to pass on this one.)

8. Confessions of a Scary Mommy: An Honest and Irreverent Look at Motherhood – The Good, The Bad, and the Scary Jill Smokler

Based on the popular mom blog,, this is a brutally honest confession of all of the things we sometimes do as moms that we’re not proud of. But hey–admitting that motherhood is hard does NOT make anyone a bad mom.

These confessions are those sent in anonymously to sad, sometimes darkly humorous, sometimes pee-in-your-pants funny, this is for the moms out there who find that misery loves company and appreciate irreverent humor.

*Warning: if you don’t appreciate strong language/cursing, this one is not for you.

9. Don’t Lick the Minivan: And Other Things I Never Thought I’d Say to My Kids by Leanne Shirtliffe (Author), Trudie Kessler (Narrator)

A humerous memoir by a mom who understands that humor is the only way to get through parenting.

Follow Leanne’s journey through motherhood from having twins while living in Bangkok and adelayed encounter with postpartum depression that taughter her valuable lessons about being a mom.

This book had many readers loving and laughing out loud, but some also mentioned that the author comes from a pretty affluent background, so her struggles may seem a bit trival to some.

10. Ask Me What’s for Dinner One More Time: Inappropriate Thoughts on Motherhood by Meredith Masony

An irreverent look at the highs and lows of parenting, perfect for fans of Jenny Lawson and Laura Clery.

Mommy blogger Meredith Masony is not here to judge you or give you advice on how to be the perfect mom, but rather to make you laugh with her (often inappropriate) comic relief.

For moms who don’t mind cursing, and appreciate raw, unfiltered humor.

I hope you find some comic relief here and something that makes you belly laugh your way through your parenting troubles.

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