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How to Find Cheap, Discounted Childrens’ Books for Your Home Library

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As a librarian and a book-loving mom, I love stocking my daughter’s bookshelves with books. However, I rarely pay full price for them, knowing I can find perfectly good books at a discounted price. That way, I can get WAY more books for my money!

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Some of the best places to find cheap kids’ books are: Book Outlet, T.J. Maxx, library book sales, garage sales, used book stores, pop-up consignment sales, kids’ resale shops, and general resale shops, and hosting a PaperPie party.

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Check out these tips for finding cheap, discounted kid’s books:

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Book Outlet

Book Outlet is a great place to find discounted books online.

All books are discounted at least 50% off the list price, and these books are brand new!!

Books sold on the site come from donations, which is how they are able to get the books in for so cheap.

You never know what they’re going to have, but typically it’s a fantastic selection of popular books, with new books added daily.

TJ Maxx

As a Maxxinista and former TJ Maxx employee myself, let me tell you about those deals!!!

Like everything else at TJ Maxx, their books are priced at a great discount off retail price–AND–they’re brand new.

I have found SO many great children’s books (classics, new books, new favorites), especially board books, at TJ Maxx since having kids.

stack of TJ Maxx books
Some of my TJ Maxx finds in the last couple of years

*Shopping tip*: The Children’s section basically always has a great selection of books, but also check out the books shelved by the register line. Often times the selection will be even bigger there.

Library book sale

Most libraries have an annual book sale, where donations and discarded items are sold between 50 cents and a couple of dollars or so.

Library book sales are one of the absolute CHEAPEST places to find children’s books, so when you find a sale, STOCK UP.

library sale books
Some of my library book sale finds

There’s usually a pretty big selection too, depending on the size of the library.

Most library book sales have discounted days at the end of the sale where books are crazy cheap (or free).

Garage sales

Finding quality books at garage sales can definitely be a hunt, but you never know what you’ll find.

The best time to hunt for books (or anything, really) at garage sales is to find city-wide or neighborhood-wide garage sales. That way, you have lots of sales to choose from and don’t have to drive around looking for them.

I’ve gotten really lucky in the past and have found brand new books for a discounted price, and I’ve also struck out on finding any quality books.

If you’re someone who enjoys the hunt and thrill of garage sale shopping, this is a fantastic option!

garage sale books
A few of my garage sale finds

Check out these sites to find garage sales near you:

Used books stores

Of course, used books stores will have books at a discounted price.

Check out the Children’s section in all of your local used books stores, and ask about sales or discount days.

Pop-up consignment sales

Pop-up consignment sales are great places to find discounted books!

A tip for getting the BEST selection at the best price: GO EARLY.

Many consignment sales sell pre-sale or early shopper tickets, and these are WORTH IT. (Not just for books, but for all things baby and child).

consignment sale books
Some of my Rhea Lana finds

These sales can get picked over in the first couple of days, so shop early for the best selection.

However, if you’re really just wanting a great discount, wait until the end of the sale when everything is even further discounted.

Check out out these sites to find pop-up consignment sales near you:

Childrens’ resale shops

Childrens’ resale shops are a great place to look for discounted books. Depending on the store, it can be hit or miss.

Bigger stores like Once Upon a Child tend to have a pretty good selection. 

Smaller kids’ resale shops can be hit or miss, but it’s always worth taking a peek if you’re already there since you never know what you’ll find.

kids resale books
A couple of my kids’ resale shop finds

General resale

General resale shops can be a good place to find children’s books, depending on the store and what they currently have in stock.

Bigger shops like Goodwill and Salvation Army often have a decent selection, so those are good places to start.

Take a look at other local resale shops as well and ask store workers if they tend to see a good collection of Children’s books, and when the best days are to shop.

Most general resale shops will have specific days that are discounted.

Host a PaperPie party

If you’ve read my reviews on hosting Usborne/PaperPie parties, you know I have mixed feelings about those parties.

Obviously, judging by just SOME of the books I’ve bought from Usborne/PaperPie in the last few years (as pictured below), I love their books and truly respect how high-quality they are.

PaperPie books
Some of the Usborne/PaperPie books I’ve gotten discounts on through hosting Facebook parties

However, whether or not you can get lots of free or discounted books by hosting these parties depends on a number of factors, and it’s definitely not a guarantee.

To read about my experience hosting PaperPie/ Usborne parties, check out:


Hopefully you’ve found this list of cheap, discounted children’s books helpful.

If you’re looking for books that are COMPLETELY FREE–check out this article as well.

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