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18 Read Aloud Board Books about Trees for Babies & Toddlers

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Reading books to your little ones is a great way to teach them about nature. Check out this list of 18 read aloud board books about trees, perfect for little arborists and naturalists.

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1.Trees: A Count and Find Primer (BabyLit)

Detailed, colorful illustrations of families enjoying the great outdoors among beautiful trees brings this book to life. Practice counting with your little one while learning about what different types of trees look like. Practice pointing out the different kinds of trees you’re learning about on your next walk in the woods: aspen, live oak, giant sequoia, red maple, quaking aspen, etc.

2. Forest Baby by Laurie Elmquist

A wonderful book about mindfulness and appreciated the wonders of the forest. A mother and her baby, strapped in a carrier on her back, take a walk through the forest and appreciate their surroundings. This is a fantastic book to inspire parents to take a walk in the woods with their little ones, and to remind parent and child alike to be present and aware of all the gifts of the forest.

3. Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson

A sweet, interactive book that makes children feel as if they’re playing a part in the changes we see in the tree from season to season. Tap the tree, rub the tree, touch the buds, wiggle your fingers, etc. Toddlers will be excited to keep turning the pages and seeing each new change their action creates.

4. Mrs. Peanuckle’s Tree Alphabet by Mrs. Peanuckle

Learn about all sorts of trees while practicing the alphabet! A is for Aspen, B is for Birch, C is for Chestnut, etc. Each letter teaches about a specific tree, with colorful illustrations to match. You’ll learn something new right along with your child.

5. Bookscape Board Books: A Forest’s Seasons by Ingela P. Arrhenius

Each page of this adorable little book is shaped like a different tree, making all the pages together a cute little forest. Each page talks about a different season, with a short and sweet little phrase to describe how the forest looks through each one. A short, sweet, charming little book!

6. The Tree Book by Hannah Alice

A fantastic book to teach older tots and children all about trees. With see-through tree shaped cut-outs on each page, children will learn all about trees: their root system, photosynthesis, pollen, fruits, their role as home to many animals, and how to care for trees. There much to learn here, even for parents!

7. Little Acorn by Autumn Publishing

Learn about the whole lifecycle of a tree through just a little acorn. This educational, rhyming book is great for older toddlers because it does a fantastic job of depicting just how a tree comes to be, from a baby acorn growing big and falling off the tree branch, being buried in the soil by a squirrel, sprouting roots, and growing into a big strong tree–and growing its own acorns!

8. Who’s Hiding in the Woods? By Katharine McEwen

Peek behind tree branches, leaves, and forest animals to find all kids of hidden gems in the forest. Lush illustrations and flaps will keep little ones of all ages engaged in this educational book.

9. Thank You, Tree by Hannah Fries & Fiona Lee

A sweet book that thanks trees for the wonderful gifts they provide, like branches to swing from, beautiful flowers in Spring, maple syrup, and more. It teaches about specific trees, and provides a seek-and-find of the specific kinds of trees being taught in the book.

10. How Does a Seed Sprout? Life Cycles with the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Learn about the lifecycle of an acorn into a big oak tree with the Very Hungry Caterpillar. After it is buried and forgotten by a squirrel, it sprouts roots that grow into a brand new oak tree.

11. Tree: A Peek-Through Board Book by Britta Teckentrup

This colorful book about a tree throughout the seasons is a great way to show your little one how trees change throughout the year.

12. Discovering the Hidden Woodland World (Happy Fox Books)

A gorgeous book full of charming illustrations and cut-outs to give a layered forest feel. Learn all about the forest while taking in the beautiful illustrations, hidden chambers, and creative cutouts.

13. Lift-the-Flap Trees (See Inside) by Emily Bone

An informative lift-the-flap book about trees for older tots. Learn all about trees with this book full of rich, gorgeous illustrations! You’ll even learn how to plant a tree at the end of the book.

14. Forest Friends: A lift-and-learn book (Lift-the-Flap Tab Books) by Roger Priddy

Cut-outs, peek-through holes, lift-a-flaps, and plenty of information make this an engaging book for littles of all ages. For babies, engage them by highlighting all the peek-through holes and cut-outs to find familiar forest animals. Older tots will find the information about trees and their inhabitants fascinating.

15. Discovering the World of Bird Nests by Radka Piro

Learning about trees is the perfect time to learn about a very important home inside those trees: bird nests! Teach your youngster about an important inhabitant of trees with this fun, tree branch-shaped tree.

16. Little Friends: Home Sweet Home: A Lift-the-Flap Book by Roger Priddy

Simple illustrations and lift-the-flap make this a great book for babies and younger tots. Learn about different habitats of animals, such as a tree being home for an owl.

17. Leaves (Baby Explorer) by Carol Lawrence

Learn about trees by studying their leaves. What kinds of trees shed their leaves in the winter? What kind keep their leaves? All five senses are used to explore trees and leaves.

18. Usborne Look Inside the Woods by Minna Lacey

A gorgeous, sturdy lift-the-flap book packed with all kinds of interesting facts about the forest. Detailed, vivid illustrations and flaps will charm little ones of all ages, while the bounty of information will keep older tots especially engaged.


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