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45 Read Aloud Board Books about Hiking, Nature, & the Great Outdoors

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45 read aloud books about nature, perfect for getting little ones excited about their next camping trip or walk through the woods.

Do you and your little one love to explore the Great Outdoors? Are you growing a little naturalist at home? Books are a great way to teach babies and toddlers about nature, and to get them excited about their next outdoor adventure.

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1. Trees: A Count and Find Primer (BabyLit) by Greg Paprocki

Practice counting while learning about all different sorts of trees. Pretty illustrations of families among trees will charm little ones of all ages. This is a great book to help kiddos recognize different types of trees.

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2. Mrs. Peanuckle’s Hiking Alphabet by Mrs. Peanuckle

Those who enjoy hiking will find much to love about this book. Practice your alphabet while learning all sorts of new info about hiking-related things, like air, birds, compasses, and deer. Littles of all ages will find something to love in this cute and educational book about nature!

3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Forest Hide & Seek by Eric Carle

Rhymes, fingertrails, lift-the-flaps, and gorgeous, vibrant imagery will capture any reader’s attention! Find the Very Hungry Caterpillar on each page, and peek behind bee hives, trees, and other forestry to find cute and whimsical surprises.

4. Do Princesses and Super Heroes Hit the Trails? A National Park Adventure by Carmela LaVigna Coyle

A fun rhyming book about a family adventure at the National Parks. See awe-inspiring views, and find mentions of Acadia, Old Faithful, the Denali, and other National Parks treasures  If you’ll be hitting a national park this year, this is an obvious must for kids of all ages! It comes in Boardbook and Hardcover format.

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5. Forest Baby by Laurie Elmquist

This is the perfect book to inspire a hike with baby strapped in baby carrier snuggled up close to mom or dad. A mom and her baby (strapped in a carrier on her back) take a hike in the forest and appreciate the wonders of nature together. They spot a turtle, see the minnows beneath the pond’s surface, feel the sun on their faces, the soft earth beneath mom’s feet. It highlights the importance of mindfulness and wonder, and inspires a mother and baby adventure through the forest.

6. B Is for Bison: A National Parks Primer (BabyLit) Greg Paprocki

While you’re at it, learn about the National Parks while practicing your alphabet as well! See craters, fossils, islands, and references to lots of National Parks. This is an absolute must for families who love to go on adventures at the National Parks!

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7. Adventures with Barefoot Critters by Teagan White

Absolutely STUNNING, whimsical illustrations bring this book about forest animals to life. You don’t even have to be a nature lover to appreciate these precious illustrations of woodland creatures going on adventures through the forest. Practice your little one’s alphabet while getting a peek at woodland animals harvesting honey from beehives, planting seeds, having a picnic, fishing, roasting s’mores around a campfire, and so much more!

8. Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson

This is an interactive book that makes children feel they are taking part is making a change. Tap the tree, rub the tree, touch the buds, etc. to see the tree change throughout all the seasons.

Check out this list of read aloud board books about trees.

9. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

Take your little one on a bear hunt with this campfire classic. Sing along to the song, and soak up the sweet, serene illustrations in this classic book.

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10. All Aboard! National Parks by Haily Meyers and Kevin Meyers

All aboard! Hop on board the train and check out beautiful scenery from some of the National Parks. Savor the fall colors of the Great Smoky Mountains, smell the wildflowers growing along the lake at Grant Teton, marvel at the Grand Canyon, experience the waterfall at Yosemite, and more!

11. Woodland Sounds by Usborne

Get your little one excited about exploring the outdoors with this soothing book about woodland sounds. Listen to cuckoo birds, woodpeckers, bees, otters splashing, rabbits rustling in the leaves, etc. What I absolutely love about this book (aside from the gorgeous illustrations) is that it highlights the woodland animals that we actually do see in real life, right outside our house. I can point out the animals in this book that we will then go seek outdoors. 

I adore this Usborne Sound Book series. There are so many great books to celebrate the sounds of nature, and the illustrations are just beautiful.

12. Discovering the Hidden Woodland World by Magda Garulakova

Charming illustrations, cut-outs, and peek-through holes will enchant your little one, all while learning about the woodland world. Bugs and animals are both featured in this book.

13. Mrs. Peanuckle’s Hiking Alphabet by Mrs. Peanuckle

Hiking families will love this! Practice the alphabet while learning about all sorts of hiking-related objects and ideas. A is for air, which has oxygen made from trees. B is for bears, bunnies, and birds who live in the forest. C is for compass, which guides you through the woods, etc. A fun book for all ages!

14. Nature Baby: Birds by Adventure Publications

Teach your little one all about various types of birds with this educational book. Close-up photographs of real life birds will capture anyone’s attention. You’ll even learn how to make a homemade pine cone bird feeder!

15. Chicken Soup For the Soul BABIES: Now! by Rajani LaRocca

Join Dad and Dog on a camping trip, and learn about the value of patience. Dog wants a s’more NOW, but he must be patient and wait. First, they will need to find their campsite, set up a tent, and other camping related activities. A cute and funny little story with adorable illustrations, sure to charm your tot.

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16. A New Green Day by Antoinette Portis

A beautifully written book about nature, as told through riddles. Each page is a riddle about something in nature. Turn the page to see an illustration revealing the answer. “When I move, I measure. I’ll count out tickles across your hand.”–(inchworm). Older tots will enjoy trying to solve each riddle with the turning of each page.

17. Bookscape Board Books: A Forest’s Seasons by Ingela P. Arrhenius

A charming little book about the forest throughout the seasons. Each season is described with just a simple phrase, and each page is tree-shaped to form a cute little forest.

You’ll also love this list of board books about trees.

18. Some Bugs by Angela DiTerlizzi

Bugs have never appeared so cute! With colorful illustrations and big, buggy eyes, these bugs don’t look too scary. Learn about all sorts of bugs through short, simple rhymes. “Some bugs sting. Some bugs bite. Some bugs stink. Some bugs fight!” Introduce your little one to bugs through books to get them used to bugs so they’re not so scary when you come across them on your next walk through the woods. Find the ladybug hidden on each page for a fun seek-and-find activity!

19. Fairy Friends Counting by Merrilee Liddiard

This is the perfect book to read to your little one before going out and foraging, or just collecting little items outside on your hike or walk in the forest. It will encourage your little one to find and appreciate little trinkets, used to learn about counting in this book. One acorn for wearing, three toadstools for sitting, five flowers for a crown, seven stepping stones home, etc. Pretty, simple illustrations mixed with photographic images of foraged forest finds are sure to win both you and your little one over.

20. Discovering the World of Nature Along the Riverbank by Happy Fox Books

If you’ll be hanging out near the riverbank this summer, this book is a must! Peaceful scenery of otters, muskrats, cranes, beavers, and other forest friends who love the river will enchant your little one. There is lots of information packed into this little book, and peek-throughs and cut-outs will keep your little one engaged, all while learning about the riverbank.

21. Woodland Dance by Sandra Boynton

Join these friendly woodland friends as they engage in a sweet, soothing woodland song and dance. Heeding the call of a fox’s bugle, the woodland animals gather in the moonlit forest clearing to listen and dance to the magical Woodland Dance Trio.

22. Hello, World! Rocks and Minerals by Jill McDonald

If your little one loves finding cool rocks, this book is right up their alley! Learn all about rocks and minerals. Little geologists will love this.

23. Little Naturalists: The Adventures of John Muir by Kate Coombs

A simple, rhyming story of John Muir and his travels. The perfect book to inspire a little naturalist, wonderer, and explorer.

24. My Mountain Baby By Rose Rossner

A sweet, charming book about a mom and baby bear who are setting out for a hike, and celebrating all that a hike in the woods has to offer. Pretty, simple illustrations, sweet rhymes, and friendly woodland animals make this an adorable read for parent and child.

25. Plant the Tiny Seed by Christie Matheson

A sweet, interactive book about planting seeds and watching them grow. This magic book has toddlers taking little actions to make them feel like they’re taking part in growing the seeds in the book. “There’s magic in this tiny seed. Press it down and count to three.”

You’ll also love this list of read aloud board books about gardening.

26. Little Observers: In the Park by Clare Beaton

Get your little one excited about going to the park with this pleasant book about fun things children find at the park. Spot birds nests, flowers, play equipment, ducks, leaves, squirrels and more! Next time you’re outside at the park, point out these same objects for baby to find.

27. Forest Friends: A lift-and-learn book by Roger Priddy

A cute little tree-shaped book with cut-outs and lift-a-flaps, sure to delight babies and younger tots. Friendly, familiar forest animals and bright, colorful illustrations will catch capture little one’s attention.

28. Animals in the Forest by DK

Show baby what animals live in the forest with this adorable, chunky book with die-cut textures that are perfect for exploring little hands. Tactile elements and fun, simple illustrations will charm babies and younger tots.

29. Who’s Hiding in the Woods? by Katharine McEwen

Lush illustrations and cute lift-the-flaps will keep little engaged with this gorgeous book. Learn about all kinds of creatures hidden in the forest with this beautiful book.

30. I Love You So: A Book of Hugs by Patricia Hegarty

Show your little one how much you love them and snuggle up to read this sweet book. Cut-outs make this great for younger tots, and the gorgeous watercolor illustrations of woodland animals reassuring their young of a parent’s everlasting love will charm mom and baby.

31. Little Acorn by Autumn Publishing

Learn about the lifecycle of trees in this educational book. Read this to your older toddler, and then go hunt for acorns in your own backyard or on a nature walk and talk about the lifecycle of those acorns; how they fell off the tree once they grew big enough, and how they might turn into their own tree one day if planted–and then grow acorns of their own!

Be sure to check out this list of board books about trees.

32. The Amicus Book of Nature by Isobel Lundie

Gorgeous illustrations bring this book about nature to life! Through intricate, colorful images, learn about all sorts of natural wonders and landscapes like rivers, oceans, forests, and deserts.

33. Mrs. Peanuckle’s flower Alphabet

Learn about all sorts of flowers you might find while outside exploring, all while practicing your alphabet. I is for Iris, J is for Jasmine, M is for milkweed, etc.

If your tot likes this one, definitely check out this list of board books about gardening!

34. Going Outside: Listen by Amy Huntington

A soothing book about all the sounds you’ll hear when you take a walk outside in the rain. Mud squelches, puddles slosh, worms wriggle, etc. Children and their parents take a walk in the rain. Once the rain is over, the sun comes out and the birds start to chirp. This is a great book to teach little ones to take in their surroundings when they’re outdoors. It’s also a great way to teach them about mindfulness, being present in the moment and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

35. Discovering Nature on the Mountainside (Happy Fox Books) by Lenka Chytilova

I just love these Happy Fox Books. They’re beautifully illustrated and very informative, and always involve fun cut-out shapes. Teach your tot all about animals that live on the mountainside with this brilliant book.

36. The Forest Folk (Mibo® Board Books) by  Madeleine Rogers

Learn about forest animals like bears, wolves, squirrels, otters, and deer in this rhyming book. Cute illustrations of the forest folk peeking behind trees accompany educational facts in rhyming text. Babies and toddlers will learn new facts about these animals, while being captivated by the soothing rhymes and quirky illustrations.

37. Discovering the Hidden World of Nature at Night (Happy Fox Books) by

Learn about nocturnal forest animals and insects with this beautifully illustrated book. Teach your little one why these nocturnal creatures stay awake at night and capture their interest with engaging illustrations and cut-outs.

38. Deep in the Forest: A Seek-and-Find Adventure by Josef Antòn

Teach your little explorer about the jungle with this lush, vibrant, intricately detailed lift-the-flap book. Seek and find over 50 exotic animals! The illustrations will keep younger tots engaged, while the information and seek-and-find elements, along with learning about exotic animals will absolutely thrill older tots.

Check out this list for more seek-and-find books.

39. Hello, Bear! by Sam Boughton

Fun, friendly  illustrations and lift-the-flaps will keep littles engaged while learning all sorts of fun facts about woodland animals. Learn what bears eat, why squirrels have bushy tails, what an insectivore is, and more.

40. In the Forest (Touch and Feel Surprises) by Natalie Marshall

A great textured book for babies and younger tots. Lots of various textures among pictures of woodland friends will provide tactile fun for your little one.

41. Yellowstone and Grand Teton Babies! by Wendy Shattil

Little ones heading to the National Parks soon out to check this one out. Real life photographs of baby animals of Yellowstone and Grand Teton fill these pages with cuteness. See baby bison, wolf, grizzly bear, marmot, elk, porcupine, and more!

See also this list of board books about America’s National Parks.

42. Park Rangers and What They Do by Liesbet Slegers

Does your toddler LOVE going to the park and being outside? Maybe they would like to know about what park rangers do! Find out right alongside your tot what park rangers do in this peek inside the day in the life of a park ranger.

43. Nature Baby: Rocks by Adventure Publications

Get this one for any little rock collector. Learn about 10 different rocks, how they were formed, what they’re used for, etc. Each page teaches about a new type of rock, using real pictures to show each one.

44. Babies in the Forest by Ginger Swift

The perfect book to teach babies about cute little forest animals. This chunky lift-a-flap book has thick, sturdy pages, making it a great choice for fumbling little hands. Peek behind bushes and trees to find the adorable forest babies hidden there.

45. Indestructibles: Let’s Go Outside by Amy Pixton

While not a board book per say, this one’s an Indestructible book, which makes it just as durable (if not more durable) than a board book. This is a great book to get babies excited about the outdoors! Point out and have baby find recognizable objects like birds, trees, clouds, frogs, etc.


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