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15 Read Aloud Board Books about Camping for Babies & Toddlers

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Check out these 15 read aloud board books about camping, and get your little one excited to explore the outdoors.

With nice weather on the horizon, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your next camping trip! Ready to get your little one excited about exploring the Great Outdoors? Books are the perfect way to teach your little one about nature and camping, and all the fun aspects of camping to look forward to.

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You’ll also enjoy these lists of board books about:

1. My First Campout: Get Ready for the Great Outdoors with this Interactive Board Book! by Editors of Applesauce Press

This book is kind of a must for camping kiddos–hence why it is first on the list! This is an interactive board book that doubles as an activity book. Learn all about camping, while engaging in activities like packing a backpack with removable cut-out objects, matching leaves with their trees, identifying animal tracts and insects, and lots more! The perfect book for older tots to learn about and get excited for camping.

2. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

Teach your little one this old campfire classic and have them sing along! Sweet illustrations of families having fun in the great outdoors make the perfect background to this classic song.

3. Happy Camper by Mudpuppy

An adorable camper van-shaped book that babies & younger tots will love. Get your little one excited about camping by exploring mountains, deserts, lakes, forests, and more.

4. Hello, World! Let’s Go Camping by Jill McDonald

Celebrate the wonders of camping and learn all about fun camping activities. Learn about what to pack, what campers are, different parts of a tent, and more. Families who love camping will really enjoy this one.

5. Campfire Songs : 11-Button Interactive Children’s Sound Book by Cottage Door Press

The perfect book to inspire a camping trip! Charming illustrations of woodland animals engaging in camping fun, along with classic camping songs (and lyrics for mom or dad to sing along to) will captivate your little one. The Bear Went Over the Mountain, S’Mores Song, Day is Done, and other fun nursery rhymes are featured.

6. Some Bugs by Angela DiTerlizzi

What’s camping without bugs? Teach your little one about all the even littler ones around us in the Great Outdoors. Make bugs seem less scary with this adorable book, with cute illustrations of bugs with comically big eyes. Short, simple rhymes are sure to charm your little one. Have them seek and find the ladybug hidden on each page!

7. C is For Camping by Greg Paprocki

Learn about camping and practice the alphabet at the same time! A is for adventure, B is for backpack, F is for fire, etc. Detailed, vibrant and colorful with lots of little activities and natural wonders to discover and talk about with your little one. Older tots will especially get a kick out of this one, with all the fun, intricate details and activities to discover.

8. Chicken Soup For the Soul BABIES: Now! (Barks Dog) by Rajani LaRocca

Every little camper loves s’mores, right?! However, we must learn to be patient. Dad and Dog are embarking on a camping trip, but before they make s’mores, there are a few tasks to complete. First they need to find their campsite, set up their tent, and find ingredients for the s’mores. Sweet illustrations of a father and son camping trip accompany a lesson to be learned about patience.

9. Little Observers: Go Camping by Clare Beaton

A serene book about the joys of camping. It’s so exciting to arrive at the campsite! Follow nature trails, splash in streams, spot deer in the woods, see the stars shining brightly at night, and more. There’s a seek and find at the end of the book, but you can also have your little one point out recognizable objects throughout, like an owl, deer, ducks, trees, etc.

10. Do Princesses Make Happy Campers? by Carmela LaVigna Coyle

An adorable rhyming book about a family going camping, and parents answering all kinds of questions. “Do princesses bike over mountain and brook? Sometimes they rest on the trail overlook. Pleeeeese can I keep all the critters I find? Their mommies insist we leave them behind.” Cute and often silly illustrations of family fun accompany rhymes so melodious they almost read like a song.

11. Brave Little Camper by Carmen Crowe

Brave Little Camper is spending the night in the woods for the first time. Little Camper is a bit afraid. There are so many noises at the night! Along comes baby Bear, who is also afraid of the night. But Bear and Camper will keep each other company, and keep warm by the campfire. Pretty soon, the sun will come up! While reading along, have baby press the button to hear all the nighttime noises.

12. Mrs. Peanuckle’s Hiking Alphabet by Mrs. Peanuckle

If your camping trips involve hiking, this is a must! Practice your ABCs while learning about all sorts of hiking-related objects and ideas. A is for air, which has oxygen made from trees. B is for bears, bunnies, and birds who live in the forest. C is for compass, which guides you through the woods, etc. A fun book for all ages!

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13. Love You S’more by Melinda Lee Rathjen

Calling all s’mores lovers! A sweet, fireside rhyming book about a parent’s love. A raccoon parent and child make s’mores around the campfire and celebrate their love for s’mores and each other.

14. Park Rangers and What They Do by Liesbet Slegers

Many campgrounds are overseen by park rangers. Teach your little one all about what park rangers do, from the equipment they wear to an average day on the job. A great book to inspire a career based in nature!

15. Goodnight, Campsite by Adam Gamble

Greet the day (afternoon, and night) and all the wonderful things to enjoy about camping. Celebrate camping fun with illustrations of activities like backpacking, canoeing, making breakfast in the morning with family, splashing in the river, sleeping in hammocks, play card games under the RV awning, and more.


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