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50 Best Read Aloud Board Books about Halloween 2023: The Ultimate List

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The BEST Halloween read aloud board books for babies and toddlers, chosen by a librarian

Are you and your little one ready for spooky season?! Light a fall candle, snuggle up with your little one, and settle in for these awesome books to celebrate the Halloween season.

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1. Booook! a Spooky High-Contrast Book by Jannie Ho

This high-contrast book is perfect for the very youngest of readers. Because babies see in mostly black and white in those early days, high-contrast books are perfect for capturing their attention. Introduce your little bundle of joy to Halloween concepts like skeletons, bats, and wolves with images to peak their interest.

2. That’s Not My Witch by Fiona Watt and Rachel Wells

“That’s not my witch, her hat is too fuzzy.” Babies adore books in the That’s Not My series. Each page offers a different texture, and simple text and illustrations grab baby’s attention. Plus, as they get older, or if you’re reading with an older sibling as well, you can have fun finding the cute little mouse on each page!

For another Halloween book in the series, check out That’s Not My Bat by Fiona Watt.

3. Never Touch a Grumpy Bat by Rosie Greening

Part of the Never Touch series, this book is fantastic for babies because of the wide range of big, fun textures and silly rhymes. My daughter absolutely loved these as some of her first books that really captured her attention, so I always bought every book I came across in this series. “You must never touch a grumpy pumpkin saying he won’t glow. But if you share your treats with him, he might put on a show!”

4. Trick Or Treat Little Pumpkin by Cottage Door Press

Delight your baby with this finger puppet book about Hallween pumpkins! Babies love puppet play, and what better way to introduce them to pumpkins and Halloween?

5. Where’s the Witch? by Nosy Crow, illustrated by Ingela P Arrhenius 

Peek behind durable felt flaps to find friendly Halloween friends in this sturdy book for little hands. On the last page, you’ll find a mirror behind the flap–which babies absolutely love! Point out recognizable objects on each page to help your little one learn words and help with language skills.

6. Spooky Touch and Feel by Priddy Books

Babies will love touching the textures of a toad, a black cat’s furry belly, a jack-o-lantern, sparkly stars and more. Introduce your little one to Halloween concepts and things like bats, a ghost, candy, a spider web, etc.

7. First Spooky Words by Roger Priddy

Like all Roger Priddy books, this is a fantastic book to enhance your little one’s vocabulary and teach them some new words. This is just a fun book to read to babies and young tots around Halloween to sprinkle them with a little Halloween spirit and learn some new spooky words, with a mixture of different illustration styles and images. It’s small, padded, and sturdy, so perfect for little hands.

8. Who Said Boo? By Yi-Hsuan Wu

Capture your baby’s attention with this colorful Halloween book! It’s got fun textures and lift-a-flaps on each page, plus little guessing games! “Who said Meow? Was it Spider? No, it was Cat!” Chunky pages, textures, flaps, and animal noises will keep your little one’s attention throughout.

9. You’re My Little Baby Boo by Nicola Edwards

“You’re my little baby boo, you never need to fear. Whatever fright comes in the night, I’ll always be right here.” This sweet, rhyming book of loving reassurances is perfect for a snuggle session with baby. Though it’s a Halloween book, this cute pastel book is never scary. Babies will love the cut-out shapes and soothing rhymes, which make this a great bedtime book.

10. A Mischief of Monsters by Priddy Books

What better time to read a book about (not so frightening) monsters than for Halloween?! “Little monster snores. Big monster roars. Little monster squelches. Big monster belches.” The cut-out shapes, silly monster noises, rhymes, and opposites primer make this an engaging read for babies and younger tots.

11. Spooky Bus by Priddy Books

“Onboard the Spooky Bus, it is terrifying fun, filled with magical mischief to share with everyone!” Take in the spooky sightings (but not too spooky) in this short and sweet bus-shaped book. See skeletons, a graveyard full of Halloween sights, a bubbling witch’s cauldron and lots of other delightfully spooky things. It even has a sound button so your little one can look as well as listen.

12. My First Halloween by Tomie dePaola

Short, simple text and colorful images on a white background make this a great introduction to Halloween for babies and younger tots. Show them the Halloween basics: Halloween colors, scenery, Halloween party happenings, trick or treating, and more. Point out recognizable objects like cat, pumpkin, and owl to enhance baby’s vocabulary.

13. Trick or Treat? It’s Halloween! by Jo Lodge

A fun pull-tab book to engage little ones while learning about Halloween. Meet a black cat, skeleton, ghost, and pumpkin and delight your little one with watching them each move. Each page also has a little fun fact about the Halloween friends to teach to older babies and younger tots.

14. Trick Or Treat by Rosa Von Feder

Engage your little one with this rhyming sound book. Cute illustrations of children all dressed up for Halloween and trick-or-treating around the neighborhood will familiarize your baby with this fun holiday tradition.

15. Poppy and Sam’s Halloween Party by Sam Taplin

This book has something for all ages–babies, younger toddlers, and older tots alike! Poppy and Sam are getting ready for a Halloween party. Help them find their pup so he can have a costume too! Peek behind die-cut shapes to finally find their dog on the last page. Babies will love touching the die-cut shapes and peak through holes on each page. For older tots, find the duck hidden on every page!

Fans of the Usborne/Paperpie Little Peep-Through series will especially love this one.


16. Click, Clack, Boo!: A Tricky Treat by Doreen Cronin

I just love this silly book about barnyard animals spooking their farmer on Halloween night. Farmer Brown does not like Halloween, so he locks himself away on that night. But soon he hears a crunch, crunch, crunching. What could it be, and what does it have to do with his animals? Read on to find out!

17. Little Blue Truck’s Halloween by Alice Schertle

Fans of the Little Blue Truck series will adore this book! Join Little Blue on his way to the Halloween party. He passes all of his barnyard friends along the Autumnal roads, each dressed up in their splendid Halloween costumes! Lift the flaps to find out who each of his friends are, as they are very disguised by their costumes. Fun rhymes and awesome illustrations make this series such a huge hit.

18. Celebrate the Day of the Dead! by Diane de Anda, Gloria Félix

Celebrate El Día de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, in this colorful book. Introduce your tot to this special holiday and its meaning and traditions. See how this family decorates their house in brilliant colors, dresses up in traditional clothing and paint their faces, decorate an altar, prepare tamales and candy, and more. Learn more interesting facts about the holiday at the end of the book.

19. Boo! Bluey’s Halloween: A Magnet Book by Penguin Young Readers

A must-have Halloween book for all Bluey fans! This interactive magnet book is sure to delight your toddler. They will love using their imagination to place the Bluey character magnets in each scene while you narrate what’s happening for them with the text. This book is sure to hold your tot’s attention all the way through.

20. The Happy Pumpkin by DK Publishing

This is a story of pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, just waiting to be taken home, and it’s from the perspective of the pumpkins! Most of the pumpkins are trying their hardest to look scary as can be, but one of them just wants to be his happy, smile self. Luckily, he happens to be just the right pumpkin for a little boy who doesn’t like scary things. Kiddos will love the detailed pumpkin patch illustrations!

21. Countdown to Halloween by Patricia Reeder Eubank

Both you and your tot will love these charming, detailed illustrations! Count down the days to Halloween from 10 to one. On each page, find a corresponding number of spooky friends. Find 10 spiders spinning webs, 8 bats, 7 ghosts, and so on. Not only does this book help your tot to count, but it acts as a seek-and-find activity, and the illustrations are delightful!

22. Peek-a-Flap Boo by Rosa Von Feder

Chunky flaps and labeled vocabulary words make this a spooktacular book for younger tots, while the seek-and-find activity on each page is sure to engage older tots! All will be charmed by the cute, detailed scenes of Halloween festivities. A great choice for babies and tots of all ages.

23. Construction Site Gets a Fright! By Sherri Duskey Rinker

In this fun book in the beloved Goodnight, Construction Site series, the trucks are all dressed up in honor of Halloween night. Each of them in turn gets a Halloween fright! In the end they all laugh about it, because they each saw spooky objects in things that were really just normal shapes. Peek under the flap on each page to see what everyday objects spooked each truck.

24. Room On The Broom by Julia Donaldson

This is a cute book for older tots, since there’s more text than most board books. It’s a fun, rhyming story perfect for reading out loud. See a friendly witch and her cat set off on a broom on a windy Autumn day. So windy, in fact, that her belongings keep flying off and falling to the ground! Each time she swoops her broom to the ground to gather her things, she meets a new friendly animal who joins her and the cat on her broom. Watch as the witch and her new friends find a very creative solution to fitting everyone on the broom.

25. If Animals Trick-or-Treated by Ann Whitford Paul

A cute book about the Halloween activities animals would get up to, if they trick-or-treated. Imagine what they would carve into pumpkins, how they would decorate things all spooky and festive, and what kinds of treats they would make. This is a cute and cozy book for animal-loving tots and those who enjoy imagining silly things.

26. Five Little Pumpkins by Lucy Barnard

A counting Halloween classic! Sing this book to your tot to the tune of Five Little Monkeys. “Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate…the first one said, My it’s getting late!” Older babies and tots will love singing along and checking out the not-so-scary witches, bats, black cats, and more.

27. Ten Timid Ghosts by Jennifer O’Connell

Ten timid ghosts occupy a haunted house. A witch moves in and scares them all away, one by one! Count down from 10 to 1 in this rhyming book about timid ghosts who need a little courage. Fun rhymes and detailed illustrations of ghosts, a witch, and other spooky sightings make this book a Halloween treat!

28. The Monsters on the Broom By Annemarie Guertin

This colorful book will immediately capture your tot’s interest with the layered cut-outs at the top of the page that show off the Halloween skyline. Sing this one to the tune of “Wheels on the Bus,” only with friendly monsters! Your little one will get a kick out of the song and the detailed Halloween scenery.

29. Countdown to Halloween by Greg Paprocki

Greg Paprocki books are so fun to look at! Practice counting down from 10 to 1 in this book of Halloween fun. Older tots will especially get a kick out of this because of the detailed illustrations. Check out a corn maze, a haunted house, see kids decorating pumpkins,trick or treating, and lots of other fun fall and Halloween activities! You’ll love checking out the illustrations just as much as your kiddo will.

See also B is for Boo by Greg Paprocki, and practice the alphabet using Greg Papricki’s detailed Halloween scenes!

30. Ghosts in the House! by Kazuno Kohara

What happens when a witch moves into a big old haunted house? They all have a spooktacular time, of course!!! See how one witch and a house full of ghosts become a family in this cute black, orange, and white board book. The illustrations are sure to charm you both!

31. Goodnight Train Halloween Board Book by June Sobel

All aboard the Goodnight Train! “The engine howls through the trees. A witch flies by on the breeze.” Glide through picturesque Autumnal scenes and spot all kinds of Halloween sightings that aren’t very scary. Jack-o’-lanterns light the way on this soothing train ride, sure to help lull your tot to sleep.

32. The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin by Sonali Fry

“The itsy bitsy pumpkin rolled down a spooky street. He passed a ghoulish ghost and a stinky goblin’s feet.” Tots will love this silly Halloween version of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” Have your tot sing along!

33. My First Dino-Halloween by Lisa Wheeler

Calling all dinosaur lovers!! The only thing better than Halloween is Halloween with DINOSAURS! Join these dinos as they engage in Halloween fun. See them pick out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, carve them, pick out costumes, visit a haunted house, and more! Your dino-loving tot will be thrilled.

34. Ghost Afraid of the Dark by Sara Conway

Have you ever met a ghost who is afraid of the dark? Well now you have, and his name is Boo. See Boo conquer his fear of the dark by visiting his friends like a witch, Frankenstein, a mummy, and more to gain a little courage and encouragement. Will Boo conquer his fear so that he can have fun at the party on Halloween night? The cover of this book glows in the dark!

35. Ollie’s Halloween by Olivier Dunrea

“It’s Halloween night. A night to beware. A night to scare. Goslings are one the prowl!” Join Ollie and friends, all dressed up in their Halloween costumes. It’s a spooky autumn evening, and the goslings are ready to trick or treat! An adorable rhyming book full of spooky, yet cute Halloween revelry.

36. Halloween Mice! By Bethany Roberts

A family of mice are all dressed up in their Halloween costumes and ready to celebrate Halloween! Join these cute little mice in their Halloween adventures as they roam through picturesque Autumn fields. Watch them scamper through corn fields among scarecrows, pumpkin patches, and moonlit forests.

37. Creepy Carrots! By Aaron Reynolds

Who knew carrots could be so…creepy! Jasper Rabbit loves eating carrots–until they start to get their revenge! Beware–this one is can be a little scary, so I would stick to reading this one to older tots who enjoy a bit of a scare. It does end on a happy note, though.

38. Eek! Halloween! By Sandra Boynton

A silly book about chickens who are quite frightened by eerie happenings around the farm. They’ve seen a pumpkin with flickering eyes, a witch, and a duck with enormous monster feet.”What’s going on here? What does it mean” cries a chicken. “Relax, silly chickens! It’s HALLOWEEN!”

39. Happy Halloween from The Very Busy Spider: A Lift-the-Flap Book by Eric Carle

This Halloween book really isn’t spooky at all. Peek under flaps on each page in this peaceful rhyming book to find friends of the Very Busy Spider, like an owl, a bat, a fox, and find out who is hiding in the pumpkin. Hint–it is very hungry!

40. Frankenstein: A BabyLit® Anatomy Primer

These fun BabyLit books are often more for the parents, but they are still so stinkin’ cute! Frankenstein loving mommas will get a kick out of reading this to their little ones. Using pictures of Frankenstein’s Monster, have your tot practice learning about body parts like head, eyes, knees, etc. You’ll both get a kick out of it!

41. Spookytale by Christopher Franceschelli

A thick, sturdy lift-a-flap book that follows children across many spooky landscapes and through a haunted house to finally arrive at a Halloween party. This book is all about the illustrations, with little text, except to guide the reader on the path of the children. The detailed and busy illustrations will capture the interest of older tots who love taking in illustrations, especially spooky ones! A very unique treat of a Halloween book.

42. 10 Trick-or-Treaters Board book: A Halloween Counting Book by Janet Schulman

Practice counting from 10 to 1 in this fun rhyming book of trick-or-treating. On each page, a new trick-or-treater is spooked away, one by one, until there are none. Enjoy this not-so-scary book of Halloween with your tot as you practice counting together.

43. Llama Llama Trick or Treat by Anna Dewdney

Get ready to trick or treat with Llama Llama and family. Short, simple text and rhymes are illustrated with cute scenes of the Llama Llama family getting ready for some trick or treating fun. See them pick out a costume, carve a pumpkin, prepare for trick or treaters, and then set out on the town!

44. Goodnight Goon: A Petrifying Parody by Michael Rex

Who doesn’t love a Halloween parody of a classic, like Goodnight Moon?! “In the cold gray tomb there was a gravestone and a black lagoon and a picture of–” This is the perfect spooky version told in the tradition of Goodnight Moon, except each page is in color instead of some being black and white. Werewolves, mummies, goblins, bats, and all sorts of frights make their appearances

45. Mouse’s First Halloween by Lauren Thompson

Join Mouse as he experiences his FIRST ever Halloween!! “One spooky night when the moon was bright, Mouse crept around, and this is what he found…” From his little point of view down below on the ground, Mouse sees all sorts of new and frightening happenings, but he soon learns it’s not so scary. In fact, on Halloween, it’s fun to be scared!

46. Spooky Pookie by Sandra Boynton

Join Pookie as he and his mom decide on the perfect Halloween costume to wear trick or treating. Tots will love the cute rhymes and relatable experience of trying to decide on the perfect Halloween costume. Read this one before choosing a costume this year!

47. Boo! By Leslie Patricelli

Halloween is here! See baby pick out the perfect pumpkin and then clean it out for carving. Which face should we choose to carve into the jack-o’-lantern? Which costume should he choose? Once a costume is chosen, join baby and family as they trick or treat. Leslie Patricelli fans will love this Halloween book.

48. Here Comes Halloween! Board book by Caroline Jayne Church

Join this little boy in his imaginative play as he ponders what costume he should wear for Halloween. “This Halloween I think I’ll be…a pirate who sails on the sea! A dinosaur who shakes the ground. A bat who slaps and flies around.” Frolick and play in this fun rhyming book about imagination.

49. Happy Halloweenie by Katie Vernon

A super-silly book about Weenie, the Halloween-loving hot dog. See Weenie all dressed up in Halloween costumes like a vampire, skeleton, mummy, and more. Tots who love a good goofy book will get a kick out of this one!

50. If You’re Spooky and You Know it by Aly Frocis

Sing this book to the tune of–you guessed it–If You’re Happy and You Know It. Toddlers will love dancing along to this spooky version of a classic song they know, and following along with all the instructions. “If you’re spooky and you know it clap your hands…If you’re wicked and you know it stomp your feet!”


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