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25 Seek-and-Find Board Books to Read With Your Toddler If You Love I Spy Books

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Who doesn’t love a good seek-and-find book?! If you loved I Spy or Where’s Waldo books as a kid, I bet you are excited to introduce those fun activity books to your own children.

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Luckily, there are plenty of seek-and-find books that you can introduce to babies and toddlers, without having to wait until they’re old enough to grasp more complex books. If you and your little one love pointing to and seeking out specific objects while you read, you’re going to LOVE this list of seek-and-find board books!

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1. That’s Not My Cow: Usborne Touchy-Feely Books by Fiona Watt

Books in the “That’s Not My” series are super popular among babies and young tots for a reason. Each page has a different texture, making them fantastic tactile books for babies. However, a little secret fun fact about these books is they all have a little hidden something for tots to get a kick out of too. On each page of all the books, there is a little mouse! So, this makes for a great book to read to kids of different ages, or to have an older sibling read to a younger sibling. They keep babies entertained with the textures, and keep tots entertained with finding the mouse on each page.

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2. Peek-a-Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins

The geese want to play with Bruce the bear today, but Bruce doesn’t want to play. So Bruce hides–but he’s not very good at it! Find Bruce on each page, along with a group of adorable goslings. Find Bruce hiding behind a tree, behind some rocks, in a chair, and more. Your little one will get a kick out of the little goslings finding Bruce each time.

3. Find the Duck by Stephen Cartwright

A cute book about a boy and his little yellow duck, great for the youngest of readers. Simple illustrations and short text make duck pretty simple to find. This is a great introduction to seek-and-find books for babies and younger tots.

4. Gregory Goose is On the Loose! In the Jungle by Hilary Robinson and Mandy Stanley

Gregory Goose is on the Loose! Find Gregory Goose on each page. Is he hidden behind the bunch of bananas? How about behind the hippo? Have fun with your little one pointing out all the animals. After a few reads, your little one will remember where Gregory is hiding and you can turn it into a fun memory game!

5. Gregory Goose is On the Loose! On the Mountain by Hilary Robinson and Mandy Stanley

Part of the same series as the book above, this one is a little more difficult. Gregory Goose does a much better job of hiding, so it’ll take some more skill to find him on these snowy hills. Is he on the ski lift? Throwing snowballs? In the ski chalet? Have fun pointing out the winter forest animals and the fun wintry activities the children engage in.

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6. Let’s Find Momo! A Hide-and-Seek Board Book by Andrew Knapp

A must for dog lovers!! An adorable and silly book of hide-and-seek with Momo, a friendly Border Collie. Find Momo on each page, photographed hiding in all sorts of silly spots (peeking out from behind a box of gym supplies, poking his head through a window, hiding in a laundry basket, peeking out from the kitchen cabinets, etc. Children and adults alike will be charmed by Momo and his friendly, goofy faces peeking out at the camera. Each page also lists a few objects to find within the photographs, alongside Momo.

7. Let’s Find Momo Outdoors!: A Hide-and-Seek Adventure with Momo and Boo by Andrew Knapp

If you and your tot enjoyed Let’s Find Momo, you’re going to love Let’s Find Momo Outdoors! Momo is joined by a pup friend of his called Boo. Find Momo and Boo on their outdoor adventure, hiding in all sorts of cute outdoor scenes. Spot them in the mountains, at the beach, camping under the stars, and more!

Check out all the books in the Find Momo series.

8. Some Bugs by Angela DiTerlizzi

While not a seek-and-find book per say, there is a hidden gem on each page. A tiny red ladybug hides on each page, and you never know where she’ll be. Tots will get a kick out of finding her, and also the silly illustrations of bugs with comically huge eyes. Kiddos will also learn about all sorts of bugs along the way!

Check out this list of books all about bugs.

9. Let’s Learn About the Forest: A Seek-and-Find Story Through God’s Creation by Katelyn Van Kooten

A Christian seek-and-find book about the forest and cute forest animals that inhabit it. Find four objects within the forest on each page, while learning fun facts along the way. Sweet, peaceful illustrations will charm both parent and child. This is an adorable faith-based book about forest creatures that will engage your tot all the way through.

10. I spy Little Book by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick

Snippets of pictures from the classic I Spy books make up this little board book for babies and tots. With rhymes and just a couple of items to find on each page, this is a great introduction to the beloved I Spy books.

11. I Spy Little Letters Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick

While still a small board book, this one is a bit more advanced than I spy Little Book. It’s a great book for letter recognition and practicing the alphabet, but each letter is also described, so that tots don’t have to know all their letters to enjoy finding all the objects. This one also rhymes, and is just a bit more detailed.

12. I Spy Little Animals Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick

A must for animal-loving tots! Work on your little one’s vocabulary while engaging them with fun and exciting I Spy scenes featuring all sorts of animals. Spy objects in a toy chest, under the sea (with a secret hidden doorway!), among the clouds, and more.

13. Find It Things That Go: Baby’s First Puzzle Book by Highlights

Introduce littles to this baby’s first puzzle book about things that go by Highlights. Have your little one find 2-3 objects on each page within simple illustrations. Find an airplane, tank, truck, bike, and lots more!

14. Little Hide and Seek Words by DK

Similar to I Spy books, this book shows a collection of objects on one page, and on the opposite page has a list of objects to find in the form of a rhyme. At the end of the book, the last page is a pop-out page that is much bigger than the rest, with all sorts of fun objects to find. Unlike I Spy books, the objects are not arranged to portray a particular scene, but are rather just laid out on display. This is a good book to have your tot point out different objects by name to work on language skills.

15. Little Hide and Seek Animals by DK

This is another book in the same series as the book above. It’s the perfect seek-and-find for animal lovers, with animals of all sorts filling the pages! Each turn of the page reveals another cute rhyme and a list of animals to find on the page. Your little animal lover will eat this up!

16. Lift the Flap: Fairy Tales: Search for your Favorite Fairytale by Roger Priddy

A beautiful fairy tale book that offers a fresh take on both a seek-and-find and a lift-a-flap book. This is more like a scavenger hunt! Each page is a different fairy tale, and asks the reader to find one object. Peek behind lots of different lift-a-flaps to find the item in question, and behind each lift-a-flap is a new scavenger hunt item to find. Toddlers will LOVE embarking on this scavenger hunt within a magical fairy tale land.

17. Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Did you know you can use this classic bed time tale as a seek-and-find activity? Have your little one find each of the objects that Bunny is saying goodnight to. Find the little mouse, the bears sitting in chairs, the mittens, etc. Lull your little one to sleep with these gentle rhymes as the last book you read before bedtime.

18. Deep in the Forest: A Seek-and-Find Adventure by  Josef Antòn 

Peek inside the rainforest to find all sorts of animals with this brilliantly illustrated, oversized board book. Each page offers a new viewpoint of the rainforest, whether it’s from above the trees, looking into the water, within the trees, or looking at the ground. Look behind the lift-a-flap on each page to find the animal in question, and then a list of other animals to find hidden on the page. Readers will spend lots of time searching these gorgeous illustrations while learning about the rainforest.

19. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – My Little First Look and Find by PI Kids

Calling Mickey fans! Engage your tot in seek and find activities while taking them on a Mickey Mouse adventure. Explore the garden, play some basketball, and check out other Mickey Mouse scenes with familiar friends like Minnie, Daisy, Goofy, and more.

20. Richard Scarry’s Busytown Seek and Find!

Revisit some classic scenes and familiar characters from Busytown with this seek-and-find book that is sure to keep older tots entertained. Each page has a list of objects to find in the pictures, similar to the Highlights magazines. This book is sure to keep older tots busy!

21. Richard Scarry’s Super Silly Seek and Find!

Get those sillies out with this super silly Richard Scary book! Just like the first Richard Scarry book mentioned, each page has a list of objects to find within the picture. Only, this book is focused on silly shenanigans!

22. Seek and Find: Old Testament Bible Stories by Sarah Parker

Engage your tot while teaching them about the Bible with this seek-and-find board book. Keep them engaged while seeking over 450 objects! While this book is focused on scenes from the Old Testament, there’s also an edition focused on scenes from the New Testament.

Check out Seek and Find: New Testament Bible Stories.

23. John Deere Around the Farm Explore & Find by Cottage Door Press

John Deere fans are going to love this one! Introduce your little one to all things farm-related with this sturdy book. Learn about lots of things you’ll find on the farm, and practice counting and matching and other engaging activities. Get a glimpse of life on the farm with various agricultural scenes. You’ll even navigate through a corn maze!

24. Hide-and-Seek at the Construction Site: A Hidden Pictures Lift-the-Flap book by Highlights

A MUST for kiddos who love all things construction! Get your tot excited about books and reading while keeping them engaged and having fun. Packed full of lift-the-flaps, this book offers a tactile element, a story about a construction site building a new school, and all sorts of objects for your tot to seek out in each picture. This would make a fantastic gift for kids who love construction!

25. My First Search & Find: Dinosaurs by Kidsbooks Publishing

Does your tot love dinosaurs? If so, they’re going to LOVE this search and find book. Seek out dinosaurs and other objects on each page, while also engaging in activities that help your tot practice counting, color recognition, and rhyming.


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