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40 Best Read Aloud Board Books about Fall 2023: The Ultimate List

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The BEST read aloud board books about Fall for babies and toddlers, chosen by a librarian

Like many, Fall is my FAVORITE time of year. I can’t wait to share that excitement with my little reader! Snuggle up with your little one, light a fall-scented candle, and cozy up to this list of the best books about Fall.

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Books for Babies

1. Fall by Roger Priddy

The perfect touch-and-feel book to introduce babies to basic concepts of fall. Pet a furry squirrel, see a family taking a walk through fallen leaves, see a jack-o’-lantern, touch a bumpy turkey tail, and more.

2. You’re the Apple of My Pie by Rose Rossner

A super-sweet, pun-filled rhyming book about a parent’s love. Show your little one just how loved they are with cute and sometimes silly rhymes, all Fall-themed, of course! Short and simple rhymes and simple illustrations make this a good book for older babies and younger tots.

3. Touch and Feel Fall by Scholastic

A great introductory book to fall for babies. Babies will love the textures on each page also learning new fall-themed words and concepts, like pumpkin, pinecone, apple harvest, and lots more.

4. You’re My Little Pumpkin Pie by Nicola Edwards

Sweet rhymes using fall-themed concepts show your little one how much they are loved . Die-cut shapes and simple illustrations make this a fun book for babies and younger tots, given the tactile element. This is part of the You’re My Little series,which is all about a parent’s enduring love.

5. Fun Fall Day by Tara Knudson

Babies will love the realistic textures of this one! Pet a horse and a goat, feel a crunchy fall leaf, the bumpy glaze of a donut, and more. Distinct textures will keep baby’s attention and delight them throughout.

6. I Love Fall by Alison Inches

This touch-and-feel book celebrates fall in all of its glory, using all five senses. Feel the girl’s wooly scarf to keep her warm on chilly days, see the warm, aromatic pie fresh out of the oven and feel its bumpy texture, touch the dry, bumpy leaves on the ground, and more. Babies will love these textures of everyday Autumn objects.

7. I’m a Little Pumpkin by Hannah Eliot

“I’m a little pumpkin–yes, I am. Here are my green leaves, here is my stem!” Sing this book to the tune of I’m a Little Teapot, and charm your little one all the way through, and teach them about different pumpkins. Sweet Autumn scenes make this a lovely read for baby and mom.

8. Five Silly Turkeys by Salina Yoon

This silly turkey-shaped board book will delight babies and tots! Sing along with this book to the tune of Five Little Monkeys, a sing-along favorite. “Five silly turkeys dancing on the floor. One twirls away, and then there were…” Babies will love the crinkly texture of the turkey feather tabs.

9. Autumn Leaves Fall by Amber Hendricks

Sweet, simple rhymes show Baby what Autumn is all about. “Up, up, high, green against the sky. Brisk, brisk, breeze. Playing through the trees.” See woodland creatures scampering through the brilliant, leaf-clad forest and watch Autumn leaves swirl all around. A peaceful addition to the Little Nature Explorers series.

10. What Is Fall? By Random House

Pages shaped like Fall trees, simple rhyming text, colorful images, and peek-through holes are sure to capture baby’s interest. Introduce them to the delights of fall with this brilliantly colored book!

Books for Toddlers

11. Autumn by Gerda Muller

Part of Gerda Muller’s season series, this gorgeous book is all about celebrating the beautiful scenes of fall. There is no text, just pleasant, detailed illustrations about families engaging in fall activities. See them flying kites, pressing fall leaves in a book, munching on fresh-picked apples, frolicking among Autumn leaves, and other cozy activities.

12. Little Acorn by Autumn Publishing

Fall is the perfect time to learn about acorns and the lifecycle of a tree, because acorns are everywhere!!! Read this book to your tot and then go hunt for acorns in your own backyard. 

This is a great educational book for older toddlers because it goes in-depth into the lifecycle of trees.

13. Olivia Loves Owl by David McPhail

Olivia and her friend Owl enjoy the little things in life, especially during the fall season. Watch them frolic through fallen leaves among the apple trees, bringing you back to those perfect, crisp childhood fall days. See them end their day watching the stars and going to bed. This makes for such a cozy bedtime story.

14. Adventures with Barefoot Critters by Teagan White

While not about Autumn alone, this book pictures woodland animals engaging in fun activities throughout the seasons, many of which are fall activities. Practice the alphabet while watching woodland friends go trick-or-treating, jumping in leaf piles, roasting s’mores over a campfire, and cozying up under the quilts. Charming, whimsical illustrations will enthrall your little one!

15. Thanksgiving in the Woods by Phyllis Alsdurf

Gorgeous illustrations depict a sweet tradition that one family has of gathering together with neighbors and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving in the woods. See them gather supplies and prepare for the Thanksgiving feast, and watch as everyone pitches in and enjoys a unique tradition of community and thanksgiving. This might inspire you to host your own Thanksgiving in the woods!

16. Pookie’s Thanksgiving by Sandra Boynton

Join Pookie and faily in celebrating Thanksgiving with preparing traditional Thanksgiving foods and enjoying them together while reciting things to be thankful for. Also, See Pookie and Mom bake a pumpkin and an apple pie–which they are ever so thankful for! Sandra Boynton’s signature rhymes will charm little ones.

17. Here Comes Fall! by Susan Kantor and Katya Longhi

Sweet and simple rhymes show squirrels, foxes, and other adorable woodland creatures enjoying the delights of fall. “We wear our cozy sweaters, and pick apples from the trees. We carve big orange pumpkins, and jump in crunchy leaves. Babies and tots alike will love the colorful, cozy illustrations of woodland creatures frolicking among Autumn scenery.

18. Curious George Curious About Fall Tabbed Board Book

This cute tabbed Curious George book is great for older tots, because it has more text than most board books. Each page has 2-3 small paragraphs of rhyming text, each celebrating a different aspect of fall. Join George as he celebrates going back to school, apple picking, baking a pie, football, and more.

19. Llama Llama Gives Thanks by Anna Dewdney

Who doesn’t love Llama Llama?! Short, simple rhymes accompany cozy illustrations of the Llama Llama family celebrating Thanksgiving among fall scenery. “Thanksgiving is not just one day. Give thanks all year, in every way.”

20. Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell

Celebrate two of the best things about fall: picking apples and pumpkins! Join this family on their annual Autumn journey to the farm. See them all pick apples and pumpkins, and watch the pumpkins get carved. On Halloween night, they will set out their jack-o’-lanterns to everyone’s delight!

21. Duck & Goose Find A Pumpkin by Tad Hills

Follow Duck and Goose in this silly book about two friends who haven’t the slightest clue about how to find a pumpkin. Tots will giggle at all the silly places Duck and Goose look for a pumpkin, like inside a log, up in a tree, and other places you won’t likely find a pumpkin.

22. Leaf Jumpers by Carole Gerber

A peaceful rhyming book about the beauty of fall leaves. Children marvel at the colors, shapes, textures, and smells of the beautiful fall leaves falling all around them. Learn about how the leaves of different trees change colors, and practice identifying each one with your older tot. Next time you play outdoors with your child, have fun identifying different fall foliage. 

23. Hello, World! How Do Apples Grow? by Jill McDonald

Part of the Hello, World! series, this is a fantastic educational book all about how apples grow. Since apples are ready to be harvested in the Fall, this is the perfect time of year to learn about them! Teach your tot different parts of the apple, how apple seeds are planted, how they turn into a tree that eventually flowers, and those flowers become apples. For younger tots, have little ones point out recognizeable objects to help with language skills.

24. The Biggest Pumpkin Surprise Ever by Steven Kroll

An adorable book of little mice celebrating fall pumpkins. Lift the flaps to seek and find hidden pumpkins and other treasures on each page, and see how many pumpkins you can find. Simple rhymes and detailed, joyful illustrations of fall and Halloween scenes will capture your little one’s interest.

25. Fairy Friends : Counting by Merrilee Liddiard

What I love about this cute, whimsical book is that it encourages you and your tot to go outside and forage for objects found in nature to practice counting with. Fall is the PERFECT time to enjoy this activity because there are so many things falling to the ground to hunt for: acorns, pinecones, pretty leaves, cicada shells if you’re like my daughter, etc. Not only does this make for a fun activity, but it’s also a fantastic way to practice learning to count. The mix of illustrated fairies and found objects like berries, toadstools, and more is delightful!

26. Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

This is another book that’s sure to inspire you and your tot to go outside and forage for fall leaves. Each page is a different scene made from photographs of real fallen leaves, AKA the Leaf Man. You never know where the wind will take the Leaf Man…he’s got to go where the wind blows. A wistful, whimsical book about celebrating the natural world.

27. It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse! By Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond

Watch Mouse as he paints each of his seven pumpkins. He’ll paint a happy face, a sad face, a silly face, a scary face, and friendly puppy faces! The perfect book to encourage a little pumpkin crafting, while also learning about emotions and facial expressions.

28. The Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri

It’s Autumn now, and all the forest animals seem to be relaxing and enjoying the lovely weather. They all want Squirrel to join them in basking in the soon, hooting at the moon, and munching on a pumpkin, but he is way too busy! The Busy Little Squirrel is very busy gathering food to store in his little nook for winter.

29. Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Excited to go to the pumpkin patch?! Biscuit is too! Join Biscuit at the pumpkin patch where there are pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, pumpkin painting, and even a few friends to be made! A must-read before your next visit to the local pumpkin patch.

30. The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Fall by Eric Carle

Take in the wonders of Fall with the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Eric Carle’s signature illustrations and sweet rhymes will enchant your little one and hold their interest with each turn of the page. Celebrate brilliant fall foliage and delicious foods, collect acorns and pinecones, and enjoy pumpkin patch adventures.

31. Leaves by David Ezra Stein

Bear is experiencing his first Fall this season. He begins to notice leaves falling off the trees, and is alarmed! Silly Bear even tries putting them back on the trees, but it’s not the same. He gets so sleepy trying to solve his problem that he gathers up the leaves and naps. Before he knows it, Winter passes by, and suddenly it’s Spring, and the leaves are all budding again! Soft illustrations make this a soothing book that may even help your little one relax into slumber–just like Bear.

32. Mouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson

Bask in the splendor of bright, fall leaves falling all around with Mouse and Minka. They have so much fun frolicking through the fall foliage: making leaf piles, dancing in the fallen leaves, playing hide-and-seek in the leaves, etc.

33. Autumn In The Forest by Rusty Finch

A chunky lift-a-flap and pop-up book, all about what happens in the forest when Autumn arrives. Brilliant images of the fall forest and all its critters will enchant both parent and child, and keep your child’s attention as you teach them about Fall. Younger tots will love the flaps and pop-ups, and older tots will appreciate all the educational facts about the forest in Autumn.

34. Fall by Ailie Busby

A sweet, simple book about the pleasures of Fall. “I know it’s fall when…I hear leaves rustling outside my window…calling me to come and play.” Watch one little girl and her friends frolick through Autumn leaves all bundled up in cozy sweaters, pick blackberries and apples, bake warm pies, and more cozy Fall activities.

35. Hedgehugs: Autumn Hide-and-Squeak by Steve Wilson

Join Horace and Hattie the hedgehogs on whimsical adventures through the Autumn forest. See them follow snail trails, find spiderwebs shimmering in the morning dew, and play hide-and-seek with their new friend, Bat.

36. A Pumpkin for Peter: A Peter Rabbit Tale by Beatrix Potter

Peter Rabbit and his family are picking out a pumpkin today! With beautiful illustrations, see Peter Rabbit face his fears of the spooky Autumn evening woods. He learns that he can face his fears with family and friends by his side–and that the night woods really aren’t so spooky, after all!

37. Apple vs. Pumpkin: The Battle for the Best Fall Treat Is On! by Jeffrey Burton

The ultimate question: apple or pumpkin, which is the better fall treat?! See Apple and Pumpkin battle it out for who is the best, and take a little Fall tour of the best apple- and pumpkin- themed parts of the season.

38. Dinosaur, Dinosaur, Fall Is Here by Danielle McLean

Calling dino-lovers! What’s better than dinosaurs, except dinosaurs frolicking through fall foliage and pumpkin patches?! Engage in all the most exciting fall activities with these cute dinosaurs, and absolutely delight your dino-loving tot.

39. A Very Thankful Prayer: A Fall Poem of Blessings and Gratitude by Bonnie Rickner Jensen

The Thanksgiving season is a wonderful time to say a few prayers of thanks. This faith-based book shows little ones that there are so many fall blessings to be thankful for. “I’m thankful for the colored leaves, Of yellow, orange, and red, Floating through the chilly air, And landing on my head!” Practice gratitude with your tot with this sweet book.

40. Fall Is Here! by Fhiona Galloway

Dog-lovers will enjoy this one! It’s a simple introduction to the wonders of Fall, like bright leaves, scarecrows, acorns, walks in the woods, Halloween costumes, and more.

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