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45 Best Board Books about Snow in 2024 for Cozy Snow Days Inside

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There’s no better way to spend a chilly snow day than to snuggle up inside with your little one while reading a good book. Reading is a great way to bond together, and spending a cold snowy day wrapped up in a blanket with a good book is the picture perfect snow day.

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Check out this list of 44 snow day board books, curated by a librarian. Whether you’re looking for interactive lift-the-flap books, textures, seek-and-find, or any other board book preference, there’s something for every little reader here.

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1. A Day in the Snow with The Very Hungry Caterpillar: A Tabbed Board Book by Eric Carle

Calling Eric Carle fans! Follow the Very Hungry Catperpillar throughout a winter wonderland in the latest World of Eric Carle book. Join the Very Hungry Catperpillar in winter activities like admiring the falling snow, building a snowman, ice skating on a frozen pond, and more.

Tabbed pages, simple text, and bright illustrations on a white background make this a fantastic choice for babies and younger tots.

2. Baby Loves Winter! By Karen Katz

Karen Katz books are so much fun! Baby will love lifting the flap to see what’s under the window curtain, behind the snowball fort, behind the snowman, behind the pine tree, etc. Little ones love these fun illustrations and the flaps give them a tactile element to keep them entertained throughout.

3. Babies in the Snow by Ginger Swift

This small, yet super-sturdy book is an excellent lift-the-flap book for younger tots. It features baby arctic animals enjoying the snow. The only thing babies love more than animals are baby animals, so this one is sure to be a hit.

4. Winter in the Forest by Cottage Door Press

Gorgeous illustrations depict winter animals in the forest. This one is for older tots because it’s wordier than the others with informational content about animals in the winter. Also, it has some neat pop-up elements beneath the flaps that would be a little too easy for babies under two or so to rip. It’s a beautiful book with lots for older tots to enjoy.

5. Where’s the Polar Bear? by Ingela P. Arrhenius

This is part of the Where’s The series, which my daughter loves. These are all made of felt flaps, which are extra durable. Peek behind the rock to find the walrus, peek behind the tree to find the bunny, etc.

6. Who’s Hiding in the Snow? By Katharine McEwen

Behind these lift-the-flaps are fun facts about winter animals. The fun facts and gorgeous illustrations make this one a great read for older tots who like to learn about animals and the environment.

Check out this list for more board books about animals.

7. Never Touch a Polar Bear! By Rosie Greening

Part of the Never Touch series, this one is great for the earliest of readers because of all the fun and varied textures on every page. My daughter absolutely loved all of these books when she was just a few months old because of all the textures. Each page is filled with simple text and silly rhymes to further keep your littlest of readers engaged.

8. That’s Not My Penguin by Fiona Watt

Part of the That’s Not My series, this one is another book perfect for the littlest of readers. Simple, wintry illustrations of snowmen with textures on each page make this book a hit.

My daughter loved all of these when she first started engaging with books, and now that she’s a little older, she finds it fun to find the little mouse on each page. So, they can be used as seek-and-finds for older tots who will love to find that little mouse throughout the book.

9. Bright Baby Touch and Feel Winter Board Book by Roger Priddy

Part of the Bright Baby Touch and Feel series, this one is full of simple textured images of wintry objects and photographs of kiddos having wintry fun. Little ones find this combination of photographs and illustrations very engaging and love to see pictures of children just like them being represented and having fun doing relatable activities like sledding.

10. Don’t Tickle the Polar Bear! by Sam Taplin

Part of the Touchy-Feely Sound series, this one has textures AND sounds! When you tickle these arctic animals’ textured bellies they make animal noises. A seal barks, a polar bear growls, a walrus grunts, etc. A fun read for all tots because there’s something to keep every little one engaged, whether it’s feeling the animals, making animal noises along with them, or seeking and finding recognizable objects.

11. Touch and Feel Winter by Scholastic

A classic touch-and-feel book for young tots, this one uses simple pictures of every day objects your little one can recognize. These include warm clothes, sled, snowflake, slippers, and lots more. Lots of cozy and wintry objects for baby to explore through touch.

12. When Winter Comes by Nancy Van Laan

Soft rhymes and evocative illustrations gently lull the reader through this serene book about what happens to the animals outside when winter comes. A family and their dog take a stroll outside in the snow and seek out the wildlife as they ponder where the animals hide during winter.

13. Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit: A Book of Changing Seasons by Il Sung Na

Colorful, unique illustrations show where animals go during the winter until Spring comes. Some fly south, some swim to warmer waters, some hibernate, some have wooly coats that keep them warm throughout the season. Some stay very still beneath the the ground, while some move quickly to stay warm. It’s truly the illustrations that make this one a knock-out.

14. Fairy Friends: A Seasons Primer by Merrilee Liddiard

Part of the Fairy Friends series, this is an enchanting book about seasons as depicted through the lens of fairies. Using mixed-media illustrations with found objects like leaves, flowers, and seashells, this book perfectly captures the childhood magic of seasons and fairies.

15. Winter (Seasons) by Ailie Busby

A cute little book about changes that winter brings, such as cold toes in the morning, the sun getting up late, frozen fingers and soggy socks, indoor activities, etc. Little ones will enjoy the illustrations of tots like them engaging in relatable activities like scattering seeds for birds and eating soup to warm up from the cold. The illustrations include lots of recognizable objects for your little one to point out like cars, puppies, birds, etc.

16. I Can See You by Rosemarie Avrana Meyok

This is one of my absolute favorite board books to snuggle up to with baby, especially in the winter. It has ALL the cozy, snuggly, warm and fuzzy vibes. This book is written by an Inuit author native to the Canadian Northwest Territories, where the book is set. Pretty, snowy landscapes and cozy indoor settings depict mothers showing their love for their babies through all five senses. This is a great book for introducing a bit of diversity to baby, as it celebrates some cultural traditions of the Inuit people, such as the “kunik” kiss, and cultural adornments like tattoos and piercings.

17. Wish by Emma Dodd

This is the perfect book to snuggle up to with baby in your arms. It’s got all the warm and fuzzies, even with snowy illustrations. It is a rhyming book of parent wolf and baby wolf and all throughout, the parent tells the baby how much they are loved and cared for.

18. Snow Kisses by Judi Abbot

A sweet, rhyming board book about wintry animals playing, having fun, and cuddling close. This is another one great for encouraging baby snuggles. Short text, rhyming, and simple illustrations make this a great book for your littlest of readers.

19. One Snowy Night by M. Christina Butler

One snowy night, Hedgehog is gifted a big, warm, hat. But, he finds that it keeps sticking to his prickles. Off he goes through the snow to visit friends to gift his hat to someone who could use it. So ensues a tale of giving and sharing, and a hat that turns into the best Christmas gift ever.

20. Baking Day at Grandma’s by Anika Denise

A super-cozy book for littles who love to help out in the kitchen. A family of bears travel through the snowy woods for a baking day at their grandmother’s house. Set in a cozy cabin in the woods, the bears all help Grandma measure, mix, bake, and taste test their yummy treats, while enjoying bonding time with their loved one. This also makes for a great gift for grandmothers.

21. Snowballs by Lois Ehlert

This one is great for families who enjoy birding, watching winter wildlife from their windows, or just getting crafty. Using mixed-media artwork with photographs, paper cut-outs, and found objects like buttons and birdseed, the illustrations depict a craft the author calls “snowballs.” Unlike traditional snowballs, these incorporate items that attract birds and are great for birdwatching. It’s the perfect book to inspire getting crafty on a snowy winter day.

22. Biscuit’s Snowy Day by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

If you’re little one loves dogs, they will love this book and all the other Biscuit books. Biscuit the dog and his friends enjoy a snowy day. They get all bundled up, build a snowman, make “snow puppies,” sled, and then come inside and get all warmed up by the fire.

23. A Little Book about Winter by Leo Lionni

Ah, the Leo Lionni books! These are the CUTEST little books with adorable depictions of charming little mice. My daughter loves all of these, and this one’s no exception. Sweet illustrations of mice ice skating, having a snowball fight, sledding, and making snow angels are sure to charm your little one.

24. The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Winter by Eric Carle

Eric Carle fans will love this. The Very Hungry Caterpillar walks us through ways to spend chilly snow days. We watch children have snowball fights and then warm up inside, the house smelling of fresh baked treats.

25. The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

This old classic by Keats captures a little bit of the childhood magic and wonder of snow. A little boy wanders through the snow, marveling at its beauty. Later he tells his mom about his adventure and saves a snowball in his pocket for later, but the next morning he finds it has disappeared. Luckily, the snow is still there, and he and a friend wander out for more snowballs.

26. Winter Things by Dr. Seuss

Thing 1 and Thing 2 wake up to a snowy morning. Join them on their snowy adventures while they ice skate, make snow angels, go sledding, and then get cozy inside by the fire, hot cocoa in hand. Dr. Seuss fans will love a good winter adventure with Thing 1 and Thing 2.

27. Fairy Friends: A Counting Primer by Merrilee Liddiard

Another book in the Fairies series, this one is great not only for counting, but also for pointing out little found objects you and your child can look for outside. The fairies use objects they find in the forest to count, such as icicles, acorns, toadstools, petals, etc. It is a great book to inspire gathering objects on your next adventure outside. You could point out some of the objects you and your child might find in the winter to count yourselves, like icicles, acorns, leaves, and so on.

28. I Spy Little Animals by Jean Marzollo

I Spy books are PERFECT for snow days, rainy days, and any other day when you want to be snuggled up inside. When I first read an I Spy book to my daughter, she called it “I Pies.” Adorable. These little board books are so fun. Try not only seeking the objects mentioned in the book, but also point out objects your little one might recognize. It’s fun to see how many objects they can actually point out!

For a whole list of seek-and-find books, check out this list of 25 seek-and-find board books!

29. Gregory Goose is on the Loose – Up the Mountain by Hilary Robinson

This is one of the first seek-and-find books I ever read to my daughter, and it’s perfect for winter as its set on a ski slope. My daughter loved finding not only Gregory Goose, but also all the forest animals like deer, bears, and bunnies, and loved finding each snowman. Part of the Gregory Goose series, this one is a little more advanced compared to others where Gregory Goose is a bit easier to spot (such as Gregory Goose is on the Loose- In the Jungle).

30. Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

An old classic, Goodnight Moon isn’t necessarily marketed as a seek-and-find, but that’s my favorite way to read this book. It’s great for finding little objects scattered throughout the room the book is famous for, like a red balloon, mittens, kittens, etc. The rhyming and the extra cozy room juxtaposed with the night sky as seen through the window make this book a great one to settle into on a chilly day.

31. Curious George Curious about Winter by H. A. Rey

Another seek-and-find book specifically for the winter, this one is a perfect snow day book. Have fun seeking out wintery items with George, such as clothes to keep him warm and dry in the snow, footprints in the snow, counting the amount of snowmen outside, etc. Rhyming keeps the little ones engaged throughout the book as well.

Check out more seek and find books here.

32. If You Were a Penguin by Wendell and Florence Minor

What better time to learn about penguins than on a snowy winter day? Short text, rhymes, and adorable illustrations of penguins doing their penguin things make this one perfect for young readers. Fancy feathers and funny names are sure to make your little one giggle.

33. Hello, World! Arctic Animals by Jill McDonald

An educational book about all the arctic animals, which is perfect for a snowy winter’s day. This one is recommended for older tots, since it’s intended to be educational. However, the simple and bright illustrations will capture the interest of youngsters as well.

34. Snowy Day by Anna Milbourne

An educational read about how snow forms, and where the forest animals go to keep warm. Children engage in fun snowy activities like making a snowman and throwing snowballs to peek your little one’s interest while also teaching them about snow. Peacful illustrations of a quiet, snowy town will also keep your little one interested as they learn.

35. Nature Stories: Little Snowflake by Igloo Books

An educational read about snow. Soft, pretty illustrations and rhymes keep your little one engaged throughout the book as they learn about snow.

36. I’m a Little Snowman by Hannah Eliot

I love sing-along books that are meant to be sung to the tune of nursery rhymes, because you automatically know how to sing them! Sing-along books are great for reading to baby right before naptime or bedtime to help lull them to sleep. This one is meant to be sung to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot.”

37. If it’s Snowy and You Know It, Clap Your Paws! by Kim Norman

This one is obviously meant to be sung to If You’re Happy and You Know it, Clap Your Hands! It’s a great choice for an interactive sing-along to get baby moving and clapping and having fun. Animals having wintry fun puts this book at the top of anyone’s list who loves sing-along books on a snowy day.

38. Ten on the Sled by Kim Norman

Another book by the previous author, Kim Norman, this one is meant to be sung to Ten on the Bed (which, I must confess, I only recently learned about). Ten on the Sled is about another cast of winter animal characters, each of whom fall off the sled in ways that are sure to make your little one giggle.

39. Little Miss Alcott: Little Women: A Playtime Primer by Jennifer Adams

For literature loving mommas, especially Austenites and Brontee lovers, these BabyLit books are for you! They’re not necessarily winter-themed, but they are the coziest books ever with gorgeous illustrations, beautiful coloring,  and their settings are mostly in the winter. Who doesn’t love a good Bronte or Austen book in the winter? This way, you can get your lit fix while reading to your little one.

You don’t have to be a fan of classic literature to appreciate the soft, cozy illustrations and cute little “playtime” activities highlighted throughout this book. My daughter may not know who Louisa May Alcott was, but she doesn’t need to to be able to enjoy this one. She loves to find the kitty on almost all of the pages, and we seek and find different objects in the pictures that she recognizes like flowers, books, gloves, boots, etc. The book setting is winter, so there are lots of cozy winter elements like ice skating, winter clothing, and soothing indoor activities.

40. Wuthering Heights: A BabyLit® Weather Primer by Jennifer Adams

Snuggled up warm inside on a chilly snow day is the perfect time to learn about weather. This cute little board book makes weather fun with its gorgeous illustrations that allude to the cliffs and moors of Wuthering Heights. Baby might not care about Catherine and Heathcliff, but they don’t have to for Momma to get a kick out of this one.

41. Jane Eyre: A BabyLit® Counting Primer by Jennifer Adams

Since much of Jane Eyre is based in the winter, this is another great one for a snow day. This one is a counting primer, so some of the illustrations include: 1 governess, 2 trunks, 3 candles, etc. Your little one will enjoy counting the objects while you’ will enjoy the nod to Jane Eyre.

42. Who Jumps More? by Grace Lin

A STEM board book that incorporates math into playful activities that toddlers will love.

Olivia and Mei have wintry fun playing in the snow. They discover the world around them through play, and learn how it all relates to math. A fabulous introduction to mathematics for toddlers.

43. Adventures with Barefoot Critters by Teagan White

Charming illustrations depict woodland creatures having fun throughout the seasons, engaging in activities any child would enjoy. I absolutely love this one because of the gorgeous, cozy illustrations and fun array of activities corresponding with the alphabet. A bundled-up fox roasts marshmallows; forest friends dressed in flanned build a quilt fort; friends build a treehouse, etc. Such an adorable read for any child.

44. The Mitten by Jan Brett

This is one of my all-time favorites. This one is full of laughs for baby throughout the book as each animal somehow squeezes into the mitten and then–spoiler alert–the mitten explodes. Because the mitten explodes after the bear inside of it sneezes, this book taught my daughter to “fake sneeze,” which became a hilarious little party trick of hers, something she knew she could do to make everyone laugh. The end of the book is hilarious from the parent’s perspective and gets me every time.

45. The Hat by Jan Brett

A companion piece to The Mitten, this book is also full of laughs. Hedgie the Hedgehog gets a hat stuck on his head, and hilarity ensues as he tries to get it off. His forest friends think it’s so funny, but Hedgie gets the last laugh in the end. An adorable read with beautiful illustrations by the ever-famous Jan Brett.

I hope you found some books you and your little one will love. For more lists like this, subscribe below!


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