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40 Best Read Aloud Board Books About Spring

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Welcome Spring with these 40 board books for babies and toddlers, chosen by a librarian.

Ready to show your little one how beautiful Spring can be? Books are a great way to get babies and toddlers excited about all the new life that Spring brings each year.

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Settle in with your little one and find their next favorite book!

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1. Going Outside: Listen by Amy Huntington

Grab your rain boots and join this family on a walk outside in the rain. They listen to all of the different nature sounds as they walk: “mud squelches, puddles slosh, worms wriggle, slugs slide…” Eventually, the sun comes out and the birds start chirping. This is a great book to read in the Spring when rainy days ending in sunshine and birdsong are common. Use it as inspiration to take a rainy walk of your own.

2. Construction Site: Spring Delight by Rinker & Ford

As the warm sun melts the snow away, the trucks start finding adorable signs of Spring! Peek behind the flaps to discover signs of Spring along with the trucks, like baby birds nesting, tulips, chicks, ducklings, and more! You don’t have to love construction sites and trucks to enjoy this adorable book.

3. A Little Book About Spring by Leo Leonni

“Hello, Spring. I’m so glad to see you. You make the trees bud, the flowers bloom, the baby birds chirp in their nest..”  Celebrate the sights, smells, and noises of Springtime with Leo Leonni’s cheerful mice and signature bright, colorful illustrations.

4. The Honeybee by Kirsten Hall

A beautifully-illustrated book about honeybees. Learn all about how honeybees do their job through gentle rhymes, and pretty pictures, and text short enough to keep your little one engaged throughout.

5. Little Blue Truck’s Springtime by Alice Schertle

A gorgeously illustrated and whimsical book about a Springtime adventure for Little Blue. The truck takes a drive along roads of pastel blooming trees and comes across lots of friends. You’ll see all the farm animals and their Spring babies: piglets, chicks hatching, ducklings, etc.

This cute rhyming book can also be used to practice counting, as each group of baby animals passed is numbered.

6. The Itsy Bitsy Leprechaun by Jeffrey Burton

Meant to be sung to the tune of The Itsy Bitsy Spider, this is a fun one to welcome Spring with its nod to St. Patrick’s Day. Search for pots of gold and four-leaf clovers along the stream with the Itsy Bitsy Leprechaun.

7. The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s First Spring by Eric Carle

“There’s so much to do on a bright Spring day when warm weather melts winter snow away.” Celebrate the arrival of Spring with the Very Hungry Caterpillar using all five senses. With Eric Carle’s signature bright and colorful illustrations and soft rhyming, this is such a pleasant read. Watch clouds float in the breeze, keep dry in the rain, listen to the noises by the pond. Once the rain clears, smell the sweet smells on the breeze.

8. Usborne Peep Inside a Bird’s Nest by Anna Milbourne

What better way to welcome Spring than to learn about baby birds?! This is the best time of year to see birds nesting, so it’s a wonderful time to learn about them and then go spot them outside. Lift-the-flaps and pretty illustrations keep baby engaged, even while learning interesting facts about birds nests. Did you know the hummingbird makes the smallest nest in the world? See if you can find one in your backyard!

9. Hello, Bee by Sophie Ledesma

Chunky pages, lift-the-flaps, peek-through holes, AND textures make this book extra engaging. Peek behind leaves and flowers to find berries, bees, snails, and more. You’ll even find a little gnome watering his flowers–my daughter’s favorite part of the book!

10. How Does a Butterfly Grow? By DK Publishing

A great educational book for older tots who are interested in learning about butterflies. Along with a mix of whimsical illustrations and life-life photographs, Lift-the-flap elements keep your little one engaged while learning lots of neat butterfly facts.

11. Deer One Soft Book by Manhattan Toy

This is an adorable little crinkle book for babies. Your youngest of readers will find much to love in this beautifully designed soft book with crinkles, textures, lift-the-flaps, attached plushes (how cute is that little mushroom?!), chew corners, and mirrors. Your little one will be entertained and you’ll be charmed by the soft beauty of this one.

Check out this list for more books that are perfect for the very youngest of readers.

12. Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

Learn how to plant a rainbow of flowers in your own garden with this as the perfect companion. A child explains how every year, mother and child pick out their seed packets, plant their seeds, water them, and watch them grow. Eventually they are rewarded with a garden full of flowers of every color of the rainbow.

Check out this list of board books all about gardening.

13. I Am a Bunny by Ole Risom

One of my favorite children’s books ever! Gorgeous illustrations show Bunny frolicking and soaking up all the fun in the sun throughout the seasons. Join bunny as he catches butterflies, finds wildflowers, watches the clouds and the birds, and more. This book is extra sturdy for little hands.

14. You Shamrock My World by Rose Rossner

An adorable, rhyming, St. Patrick’s-themed book about a mother’s love. Adorable puns and illustrations of gnomes, fairies, and sheep in hats make this a delight for parent and child alike.

15. Little Yellow Bee by Ginger Swift & Cottage Door Press

A cute, rhyming board book with extra chunky pages and flaps, making it indestructible and perfect for younger tots. Welcome Spring by spotting all the different critters in the garden, like bees, spiders, ladybugs, snails, etc.

16. Rain, Rain, Go Away by Russell Punter

Embrace rain with this cute book about woodland creatures hiding from the rain. Sing it to the tun of the folk song, Rain, Rain, Go Away, but this book takes its own spin. Wise owl explains to his woodland friends that water makes our gardens grow. Watch little shoots pop up in the garden, sipping water through their roots.

17. Baby’s First Fingertrail Playbook Garden by Usborne

Explore the garden with this cute fingertrail book, excellent for your youngest of readers. Have baby trail their fingers along the raised trails of different textures, and peek through holes and flaps to meet little critters around the garden.

Check out this list for more books perfect for younger babies.

18. Big Outdoors for Little Explorers: Countryside by Anne-Kathrin Behl

An adorable, interactive and educational book with sliders. Learn all about the countryside with beautiful illustrations and sliders to make them come to life and keep your little one engaged. You’ll learn about pheasants, harvest mice, grasshoppers, swallows, bees, butterflies, bunnies, and more.

19. Wildflowers Grow by Amber Hendricks

Simple, rhyming text and beautiful, vibrant illustrations teach little ones all about wildflowers. The short and simple text makes this one great for younger toddlers, while the captivating illustrations will grab anyone’s attention!

20. Dr. Seuss’s Thing One, Thing Two, and the Leprechaun

Join Thing One and Thing Two as they try to catch a glimpse of a tricky leprechaun. Run through the house, past a parade, through the rain, all the way to the end of the rainbow. They might even find themselves a pot of gold!

21. (Lift-a-flap Surprise) Spring In The Forest by Rusty Finch

Explore the forest with a deer and learn all about forest animals in the Springtime. Brilliant, colorful and detailed illustrations and text make this great for older toddlers. It is educational, with lots of fun facts about wilderness animals, but the lift-a-flaps, pretty illustrations, and recognizable animals throughout keep this book engaging.

22. Spring by Gerda Muller

Celebrate the joys of Spring in this unique, text-free book. This book is only illustrations, and those illustrations are delightful! Join a child frolicking around the countryside with lambs, planting seeds, watching baby birds, and more.


23. Rain Feet by Angela Johnson

Grab your yellow rain boots and find some puddles to jump in! Short text and soft watercolor illustrations of a boy jumping in puddles outside his house will charm your little one. This book celebrates the childhood joy of puddle jumping in the rain.

24. Some Bugs by Angela DiTerlizzi

A colorful rhyming book all about bugs you might find out in your backyard. The illustrations of the bugs with their big eyes are so stinkin’ cute! Cute, short rhymes, seeking and finding the ladybug on each page, and the silly illustrations will keep your tot engaged. Bug enthusiasts will love this one especially.

25. Nest by Jorey Hurley

Short and simple text (one word per page) teach the very basics of what a bird’s nest is all about. Spring is the best time to learn about birds and how they nest, and this is perfect for a basic introduction. Little ones will love the simplicity of this one.

26. The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Garden Friends by Eric Carle

Babies and toddlers alike will love the brilliant illustrations of Springtime scenery and the fun textures in this Eric Carle book. Meet the various critters you’ll find in the garden, like frogs, cats, birds, and butterflies, and explore them through texture.

27. When Spring Comes by Kevin Henkes

A sweet, vibrant book about the changes Spring brings. Follow the arrival with Spring just before it comes, to the earliest days of Spring and everything budding to life. Sometimes Spring changes its mind, but when it’s here to stay, you’ll know it!

28. Plant the Tiny Seed by Christie Matheson

“There’s magic in this tiny seed. Press it down and count to three.” A charming, interactive book about planting a seed, caring for it, and watching it grow. The magic of this book is that it lets kids feel like they truly have a part in making the seed grow: by tapping, counting, jiggling, and other actions to make the seed grow with each turn of the page.

To encourage your little gardener, check out this list of books about gardening.

29. That’s Not My Lamb by Fiona Watt

Part of the popular “That’s Not My” series, this book is sure to charm your littlest of readers. Joyful, simple pastel illustrations and textures will keep your littlest reader engaged. Older tots will have fun finding the mouse hidden on each page.

30. Little Honeybee by Katie Haworth

A big, colorful book with lots of lift-the-flaps. Peek behind all sorts of Springtime flowers to find critters enjoying a sunny day. Each page is numbered, counting the flowers one to ten and ending with a hive of bees that have been pollinating the flowers throughout. A great interactive book for older tots.

31. Backyard Bugs by Jill McDonald

Spring is the best time to learn about bugs, since you’re soon to see a lot of them! Learn all about the backyard bugs with your little one through vibrant illustrations, and then go on a hunt for them in your own backyard.

32. Little Green Frog by Ginger Swift

A chunky, lift-a-flap book perfect for the littlest hands. With the sounds of frogs croaking around the pond near, this is the perfect book to learn about those cute little critters hanging around the pond.

33. A Spring Surprise: A Peter Rabbit Tale by Beatrix Potter

Join Peter and friends as they prepare for a picnic. They must all bring different things to the picnic, but what will Peter bring? I won’t spoil the surprise, but it’s awfully cute!

34. Baby Loves Spring! by Karen Katz

Babies LOVE Karen Katz books! They’re super colorful, rhyming, and engaging with lift-a-flaps. Take a walk with Baby and peek behind branches and bushes to spot baby robbins in their nest, worms in the dirt, butterflies, frogs, and more.

35. Mouse’s First Spring by Lauren Thompson

Discover signs that Spring is here with Mouse and Momma. They go on a breezy walk and find sweet sings of Spring like butterflies, frogs, and flowers. Take a walk with your little one and discover your own signs that Spring is here.

36. In My Flower by Sara Gillingham

A cute book about a butterfly’s habitat that uses a felt fingerpuppet to capture baby’s attention. This is perect for babies and toddlers alike, as they can both learn about how butterflies interact with their floral environment while being charmed by the cute little puppet.

37. Are You There Little Bunny? by Sam Taplin

Part of the Little Peep-Through Books series, this book is a delight! Peep through little cut-outs to try and find the bunny at the end of the book. These books are so engaging and cute, even without lift-a-flaps or textures. I have a whole collection at home because they were some of the first books that caught my daughter’s eye.

38. The World is Awake for Little Ones: A Celebration of everyday blessings by Linsey Davis

A sweet, faith-based book to celebrate the wonders of Spring. This rhyming book encourages you to appreciate the butterflies on the breeze, the ladybugs, the animals at the zoo, the food at the market, and more. The story ends peacefully with children going to sleep, so it’s a great way to end the night reading to your little one.

39. Bright Baby Touch and Feel Spring by Roger Priddy

This simple book of textures is perfect for introducing your very youngest of readers to Spring. A mix of illustrations and photographs and a variety of textures will keep your little one’s interest and have them turning pages to see what’s next.

40. Garden Sounds by Usborne

Take in the sweet sounds of Spring with this Usborne Sound Book. Listen to various birds singing, bees buzzing, crickets chirping, and other cheerful sounds of Spring.


I hope your little one finds their next favorite book here.

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